Monday, 17 February 2014


I can assure you that this statement resonates with me fully today. As a matter of fact, if I had not followed the first part of this advice fully, I would not be writing this article now.

So, what really does this mean? It means basically that any externally desired goals that you might have must be accompanied by a specific mindset that aligns with these goals in order for you to achieve them. We were taught the opposite of this, to believe that our external reality, what we see and experience, influences our internal reality.
However, creation of anything takes place by the power of thoughts, therefore you can only achieve your goals by way of inspired action; that is, action dictated by a specific, pre-selected mindset or belief. You can only achieve something to the extent that you belief that it can happen. To put this a bit more subtly: your SUBCONSCIOUS beliefs/programming MUST be in sync or alignment with your CONSCIOUS expectations for MANIFESTATION to occur.

This is where mind change comes in, for you must subconsciously hold to be TRUE what you expect to happen on the conscious level.
This therefore begs the question: how does one program or reprogram the subconscious to be success oriented?

There are several ways to do this but, including goal setting, affirmations, meditation and Tapping.

The trouble with just reciting affirmations, however, is that this takes a rather extended period of time to get embedded in the subconscious because it easily gets over-ridden by your old programming.

Goal setting is fine but goal setting within time frames can actually be a deterrent to the universe complying with your wish through the law of attraction. By all means set goals but do not set rigid time frames. What you foresee happening within a year can easily happen within a day. Such is the power of the universal energy.

This leads me to meditation. I have found this method to be the fastest in reprogramming the mind for success, primarily because it operates at the subconscious level. It is difficult to reprogram the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND through CONSCIOUS means. A change in the subconscious is best done at the subconscious level and that is why meditation; done correctly, is so effective. For a free and useful introduction to meditation you can check out the Silva Life Systems.

You may or may not have heard about Tapping. I have found this technique to produce results in the fastest time. used hand in hand with meditation this ca be a very powerful force in producing positive life changes. Tapping is a simple technique involving the use of two or four finger tips to tap on selected parts of the body while reciting 'set up' statements stemming from the issue or problem. For a free and useful introduction to tapping you can visit The Tapping Solution .