Sunday, 23 February 2014


Very often, in life, individuals find themselves bogged down by the circumstances surrounding them. It may be a case of difficulties with money, relationships, work, or anything of the like.
Not only is it important for us to stop and take stock of ourselves at this point, but one should also realize that this reality, to a large extent, has been created by his or her own mindset or beliefs. The mental conditioning imposed upon us by society, homes, schools, churches etc. laid the foundation for our belief systems. We can only get out of this imposed groove through our own mental and emotional shifts and by carving our own new 'progressive beliefs' mindset.

The important thing therefore, in embarking on your new road to success, is to do the following:
  • Start where you are: You cannot begin in the past, for it is gone, and you cannot begin in the future, for it is not already come. So What do I mean by starting where you are? You must examine your current situation and plan upon it, because it is all you have  now! You need to visualize what you want to be  in the 'now.' 

  • Use what you have: You cannot use what you do not have now, so you must begin by assessing your current strengths in terms of your positive attributes and your material and social advantages, if any. Many times when we think that we can do nothing we possess some inborn gift, strength, talent upon which we can build. Instead of moaning and groaning, we should begin with these by thinking about how we can use these to our advantage. Do not blame others or the government. Everything starts with you, and often it is some internal changes that you need to make!

  • Do what you must: Having considered the above two areas, you then need to take action (of a legitimate type) towards achieving your goals (assuming you would have set some after assessing your situation) These actions need not be hard and fast because as you allow your new found thinking to direct you, some of these will change and the universe will bring people and circumstances towards you.
Success is really that simple when you come to think of it: 
Start where you are;Use what you have;Do what you must! 

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