Sunday, 23 February 2014


In order to effectively get results from Law of Attraction, one has to reverse the negative thinking that he/she has been programmed with from birth. Law of attraction works all the time, just like any of the Physical laws but it brings to you whatever resonates or vibrates with your thoughts. If you are trying to focus on the positives and not reaping results it is because you have internalized deep seated limiting beliefs standing in your way.

If you want to remove these limiting beliefs stopping your progress the you must do mind reversal affirmations. We have been programmed to 'want' so much that Law of attraction always keeps us in a 'wanting' position. We must learn to utilize the Law of deliberate Creation in which we purposely create what we desire to manifest by positively keeping them in our thoughts, instead of creating by default.

If we leave our life to chance, Law of attraction will reward us by default, that is, give us positive results only when  we send it positive vibrations (In the few moments when we feel good and happy.) We must learn to live 'in the now' that is, feeling good and happy despite our external reality. We can only do this when we think and believe that what we desire to manifest is already on its way to us. We must give thanks for it, just as we would if we had received it. In other words, we must think truth, despite appearances.

Here are some affirmations I have used to counter negative thinking and to focus on what I desired to manifest. To manifest you must start from a position of certainty and you can only do so when you accentuate the positives.

These are the affirmations for results.

It is not about getting, it is about giving. If you keep thinking about getting all the time, Law of attraction will ensure that you will always be doing this. Giving, on the other hand, opens the flow of abundance and you receive four fold, usually not from those you have given. This is one of the most practical aspects of the law, you should try it. So, you might say, but I have nothing to give. You have many things even if you don't have money. Give a smile, give a hand, give of your time and energy to worthy causes. Give whatever you have to give and give it willingly.

It is not about wanting, it is about having. 

Let us look at it this way: instead of walking around daily with all those negative thoughts bombarding your mind: 'I want this' I don't have that' 'how am I going to pay my bills?' 'where am I going to get the next meal?' 'how am I going to send my kids to school?' and so on. Why not smile and think that you have it all already and just say thanks. Believe me, it will make a world of difference. If you think 'Having' the Law of attraction will create the circumstances  for you to have.

It is not about scarcity, it is about abundance

Very often we give in to our negative thoughts and emotions because we were programmed to believe in 'scarcity,' and that we have to struggle to get what we desire to manifest. The universe is abundant and sufficient for all of us to achieve our very wildest dreams. There is no scarcity, and those who have attained cannot and are not robbing you of yours. Correct thinking, or thinking by law will bring you whatever you desire to manifest.

It is not about doubt and fear, it is about certainty and gratitude. 

This is the greatest of all the affirmations because it touches the emotions and it is through positive emotions that we resonate positive vibrations and allow the universe to manifest our desires. Fear and doubt disappear when we begin  desire to manifest from a position of certainty; that is knowing and believing that we have it already on the metaphysical level, and it is on its way to us as we vibrate our positive thoughts towards it. But it is the profound gratitude that we express daily that will crush the doubt and fear and positively send out vibrations that will manifest our desires. Giving thanks daily is therefore a must in your program of transformation. We must give thanks for what we know is true (abundance) despite appearances (scarcity.)

By just repeating all the highlighted phrases above daily;before going to sleep and after waking up, you will find that negative thoughts will begin to take a backseat and you can plan your life along a path of certainty.

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