Friday, 7 March 2014


Ten (10) ways in which blogging can improve the quality of your life

In this article I would like to focus on how blogging contributes to your personal growth, self improvement and success mindset.

 It fosters social interaction and social integration:

Social interaction is enhanced when readers read blog posts, comment and reply to comments on blog posts as well contribute to forum discussions around blog posts. Blog authors also read, comment and reply to readers, other blog authors posts,and create discussions in forums.In this way there is a vertical as well as an horizontal sharing and interlinking of ideas and personalities.

Social integration occurs when both bloggers and blog authors share post information on the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and others. Integration is also fostered when both readers and blog authors follow blogs and share posts feeds. At another level integration also takes the form of guest- blogging and sharing other blog links on a blog.

It improves your visibility:

If you are on the web and not seen by anyone, you may as well be hiding under a rock somewhere. By web visibility I simply mean the capacity created for you to be seen and heard on the web by others who it may have been impossible to connect with through normal means outside of the internet. It also increases your capacity to see and hear others, you may not under normal circumstances, have seen and heard. this, of course is a natural off-shoot of the factors discussed above.

It enhances your communication skills: 

One of the first skills likely to be improved through blogging is your writing skills. This includes all the associated skills, such as, spelling, punctuation, grammar, comprehension, summary writing, setting the tone, and setting the mood of an article.

Akin to all of this is the vast improvement created in your research and organizing skills as you consistently prepare articles for publication on your blog.

It strengthens your credibility and reliability: 

When it comes to blogging, credibility and reliability are key factors and they go hand in hand. If readers cannot authenticate the credibility and the reliability of your work by measuring them against their own and other reliable standards, you can bid blogging goodbye. That is why the requisite preparation, and, if necessary, research, for a blog post should be followed.

This, includes also writing and editing your post in a word document before going to the blog editor. bloggers who follow this practice will always come across in a more positive way than those who simply jump to the editor. Believe me, readers pick up the slack in these areas and your reliability and credibility will be questioned. As you blog your reliability and credibility factors, will become greatly enhanced.

It can build you into an authority figure and boost branding:

As a direct off-shoot of the above; you will be seen by others as an authority figure in your blog niche. This, not only, gets you more viewership and readership, but you would have made yourself and your blog into a brand.

"To understand branding, it is important to know what brands are. A brand is the idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with, by identifying the name, logo, slogan, or design of the company who owns the idea or image. Branding is when that idea or image is marketed so that it is recognizable by more and more people, and identified with a certain service or product when there are many other companies offering the same service or product." (1)  

The above quote, helps to covey to you just how effective blogging can be in contributing to your personal growth and success.

It can be one of the most effective  advertising and marketing promotional tool:

Properly utilized your blog can generate loads of income from advertising companies and from affiliate and direct products. This is a natural off-shoot of becoming a 'brand'. This can be done through product reviews, the placing of affiliate links and banners on your blog and assigning your blog a direct advertising page for companies and affiliates as well.

It improves your personal knowledge base and increases your Resource and Technology skills:

By utilizing your bog configurations and those of the many Social media, through constant practice, you increase your own R&T skills making you a more efficient blogger. This includes, the many changes and variations created by Social media usage, as well as, the growing number of associated soft-wares available to bloggers and other website users.

As new innovations arrive, you as a blogger, is forced into learning the new ways and new technology. Some website users outsource some of these tasks, but I always think it is an advantage for a blogger to work everything to do with writing and posting on his own, simply because a blog is a very sensitive and personalized website. In short; nobody can tweak it the way you do!  In this way, you generally get the best out of it.

It is a proactive tool in fostering human evolution and change:

It is no secret that blogging,  blogs and wikis have contributed almost single- handedly to the new web 2.0
Websites like blogs and wikis keep the web, as a body of knowledge, tentative, cumulative and self-correcting; a feature of any true scientific program or study.

Because of its ability to pull ideas together from all sources, and to generate the necessary social integration and interaction, it is foremost in influencing human trends and human behavior. As such it is an essential tool in promoting evolution and change, and as a natural off-shoot foster the evolution of the individual blogger.

It is an effective stress relief outlet and crucial in creating a positive mindset:

As a an antidote to stress, the blogging experience is second to none. There is a resigned sense of inner calm as you carry out the various blogging activities; be it posting, reviewing, commenting or discussing. During these times, the mind does not tend to focus on the many 'gremlins' that would normally be circling inside your head. Reading a positive blog posts can be a very motivating and fulfilling experience.

By keeping your 'head space' in focus, you develop over time, only that positive mindset that is necessary to grow you personal and skyrocket your success! So, here is to blogging!

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