Saturday, 1 March 2014


Start Your Free website With A Blog
One of the most important elements in starting online is setting up a website. This can be very technically difficult and expensive for the novice. A website is important because it is like a physical store where you invite prospective customers (called online traffic) to buy your products.
However, just like a physical store, if it is not seen by a prospective customer, no sales can be made from your website. To make the website public on the internet, it must be hosted on a server. Hosting is therefore just as important as building the website. 
In this article, I would like to expose you to two free website and hosting options.
Perhaps the easiest way to start out as a novice is to own a blog. Basically a blog is a simple website where you can post articles on subjects that you are passionate about, post reviews and commentaries, as well as videos and other media. This is a good place to start if you are new.
The two most established free blog sources online are:Blogger and WordPress. Both blogger and WordPress allow you to build a free blog hosted on their servers, so that the problem of hosting is taken care of. Both sites provide very efficient editing sources including the addition of specific elements.
Blogger provides very good website templates with themes to match almost any blog title you choose. There are also provisions for adjusting the template to suit your purpose and a series of elements that can be easily added with the click of a button. All free blogger blogs end with Blogger also allows you to point your own domain name to your blog. This makes it easier for you when you have earned enough from your blog to move on to the next level.

To access Blogger, you need to sign up for a Google Account here. A Google account has some advantages in that you will then be privy to all the Google sub-accounts, including Google+You tubeGmailGoogle Drive and Google Docs. 
Google+ and You tube can then become extremely helpful in promoting your blog through social media.
WordPress has been making significant new innovations to its blog offer and is fast becoming one of the most selected free blog options online. WordPress is preferred for its numerous Plugins which allows you to do much more than you may be able to do on a Blogger blog.
WordPress is free but has an upgrade option that offers additional elements including a wider range of plugins and additional website templates. All free WordPress blog ends with with the option to use your own domain name on upgrade.
To access WordPress you need to sign up for a WordPress Account here.
Once you have your blog, here is how to find and promote AFFILIATE PRODUCTS.
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