Wednesday, 17 February 2016


So, you are a newbie and you are just starting out with your online presence., You want to  establish an online earning opportunity through blogging without the usual expenses suggested by the so-called Gurus. You can check out my very basic  Ebook (Now sold on Amazon kindle as: Internet Marketing for Novices)

In this article, I will discuss one method for giving away a free eBook or free Report from your Blogger Blog as well as, a free method by which you can collect information to build a list.
This method involves that of uploading the file to Google drive and using the Drive 'share URL' as your giveaway link. 

For this method simply sign in to your Google drive and upload the Ebook or Free Report as a PDF file. If the file was created in Word, simply save it as a PDF by using the drop down menu options given to you in save as type: and select PDF from the menu before you press the save button. Upload the PDF to your Google Drive.

To give away the free Ebook or Free report simply highlight the document and click the share button to the top right hand corner in your Drive to obtain the share URL. Copy and paste the URL to a word file. Save this file. You can then use the URL create a link to your subscriber by linking the URL to the word Download in your email or Blog Post. When the subscriber clicks on this link it will take them to the the document and they will see a download arrow at the top. By clicking on this the document can be downloaded and saved to their computer.

Here is my free eBook  on Google Drive when the share URL is clicked. Notice that the view shows some buttons at the top left. Readers can read the PDF online as well as download the file to their computer.

 There is no clearly written download labelThe download button is the downward black arrow.(Not everyone will know this, especially if you are a beginner) and this might be one disadvantage of this option. One advantage however, is that the page by page selection to the left makes it somewhat easier to navigate to specific pages within the file. On the download, the file will offer the same saving and magnification options as any other PDF file. 

Useful tips in applying your giveaway option

If you want to capture information from your readers, such as name and email, in exchange for giving away the eBook; then you can do the following:
Sign up at List Wire below for a FREE autoresponder.

Create two ‘static blank pages’ on your blog. Use one page as your landing page. This is the page where you will place your listwire subscribe form and describe the benefits of signing up for your free eBook and other future free offers.

Name this page anything to do with your offer, such as ‘Free eBook’ or ‘Free Report.’
Name the second page “Thank You” and place your ‘clickable’ eBook share link on this page, directly or preferably in an image of the Ebook with the word Download underneath.. Edit your pages through your layout widget and hide the thank you page so that it does not show up in your navigation bar. Remove comments and tags from this page as well.

Important: Use the URL of your Thank You page as the redirect URL for your listwire subscription confirmation email.’ Your subscribers will be redirected to the page with the download link once they have confirmed the subscription sign up.   Once you start capturing subscribers you can then send any future free and/ or paid offer to them via a link in an email from your listwire autoresponder. 

I hope you found this helpful.

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