Sunday, 2 March 2014


How To Access Two Master Affiliate Sites
The best way to get established online as a newcomer is to begin by marketing affiliate products. An affiliate product is a product created by someone else who offers a percentage of the sales price to you in exchange for marketing the product on their behalf. These affiliate offers can be quite attractive.

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The good thing about an affiliate product is that the product creator usually provides affiliate promotional tools such as banners, emails, videos and affiliate links to their product or landing page. A landing page is usually a page which offers a website visitor a form which can capture their information such as name and email which can be used to follow up the visitor with other promotional offers or offer them a free eBook or video.
In this article I would like to introduce you to two of the most valuable affiliate sites on the Internet. These two sites are and  Both are easily accessed and both has excellent affiliate products.

Click bank forms the largest provider of digital downloadable products on the Internet. Once someone completes the buying form, the product is instantly downloaded and available for use. Products are arranged according to general categories such as, Arts and entertainment, Health and Fitness etc. These are further divide into sub categories.
To get your affiliate account go to Clickbank  and click on the heading marked Become An Affiliate. This will take you to a page which asks you to state which category you fall in. Click the blogger button. You will then have the option to sign up for Clickbank's  'Monetize your Blog with Clickbank' guide.
Having read the guide, which has quite useful information., go back to the site and click the 'sign up' button. Complete the form and you are in. Next you will need to select your marketing niche. Go to the site and click the 'Marketplace' button. Select one of the categories or sub-categories and choose a product. Choose a niche which appeals to you and that you have the capacity to promote.
Choose your product based on the popularity or gravity. You can do this by selecting high to low beside the 'sort by results' tab and the selecting popularity or gravity in the drop down. Gravity usually gives a good picture on how well the product is selling. A gravity of 100 or more should be a good guide to a product that should generate some sales if properly marketed.
Next click the PROMOTE tab to get your affiliate links. Put in your Clickbank ID  (you can leave the tracking code option for now) and generate your affiliate codes. You should get two links:  the first one takes you to the sales page and is a link that can be promoted on other sites. The second one gives you the html embed affiliate code for your blog or website. Most offers will carry a link that will take you to promotional tools for affiliates that you can use on your blog.  If you do not see this below the product offer go to the sales page and look below for the link which says affiliate. Click this link and find the promotional tools. You are now ready to earn! is by far the leading site that offers the widest range of physical products. The amazon Associates program pays a handsome affiliate commission and has some supporting elements for affiliates.
Go to the Amazon Associates Program and click on the 'Join now for free' button to start.
Follow the sign up process instructions and generate your Amazon Associates tracking ID. You will have an option to create your own Amazon astore with the unique amazon products that you choose to promote.
Amazon also provides you with various links, banners and widgets to promote Amazon products.Google Adsense have specific rules about promoting their products. Do not promote Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon on the same blog. It is best to start with one affiliate site and maximize their products.Here is how to promote these links on a FREE WEBSITE.
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