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Success in life is a matter of Choice!

I would like to set the tone for this post with a bit of personal history. I have been seriously involved with the business of personal growth and success since 2006. Truth be told, I have had my own accelerated growth since the past three years. This is not to say that the first four years were wasted. It is directly from the series of cumulative success focus in those years that triggers the chain reaction for the rapid improvement that is now showing up.

A few days ago, I was faced with an action choice decision. Both alternatives showing up seemed attractive but I acted based on who I am choosing to be, now. As I moved forward the next day to close a successful business, I realized that the other alternative would not have served my purpose well and would not have yielded the kind of returns that I was seeking.  I thought about just how important that 'now' choice is and I also thought about sharing my ideas in this article.

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It is our 'now' moment choices that dictate who we are, or put another way, who we choose to be in the 'now' determine how successful we are. Notice that I said; 'who we choose to be' and  'how successful we are' not who we will be and how successful we will be!  Let me clarify what I mean by a 'now' moment.
You see, how we put time into compartments of yesterday, today and tomorrow is really a matter of convenience. Time is illusive. Think about it; as you are reading this article the clock is ticking; time does not stand still. Our series of yesterday, today and tomorrow; this minute, that minute and the next, is really a series of now all we have at our disposal is 'now.'

So, what do I mean by a 'now' moment choice? We are given free will to make personal choices.This means that at any given 'now' moment we are faced with myriads of probable future outcomes. Which of those probable futures we step into is determined by our 'now moment' choice. Our success or failure is therefore based largely on who are we choosing to 'be' in this now moment, followed by a series of purposeful, positive actions. Notice that the 'now choice' must come before the action. We were taught the reverse; that a series of carefully planned actions would bring us a certain end result-say, being financially successful. (some refer to those actions as hard work.) When we carry out those actions and fail to get the end result we lapse into frustration and fear, which only bring about more frustration and fear.

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We were never taught that creating is mental; that we should generate a desire or energy to manifest something, not a 'want' craving. Want means lack, scarcity and insufficiency. A 'want' craving serves only to bring about more lack, scarcity and insufficiency and feeds the cycle.

In case you are thinking that all this sounds too woo woo and philosophical, I will give you a practical example:

Step aside with me, for a while. Meet Marcia; a thirty five year old female, who is five feet four niches, weighs two hundred and fifty pounds and is a blob. Yes, I will be frank; five feet four inches and two hundred and fifty pounds is not pleasantly plump; she is a blob!

Here is what happens when she chooses to be one hundred and forty pounds and sexy, now!

She starts resonating with the energy of one hundred and forty pounds and sexy, because it is an energy that will become tangible matter the more she resonates with it.  She fills her imagination with these images. She brings on the feelings and emotions associated with who she is choosing to be.This will determine her action choices.

She begins to take small daily action steps to be one hundred and forty pounds and sexy.  She goes to bed imagining and feeling one hundred and forty pounds and sexy. She wakes up, looks in the mirror and sees one hundred and forty pounds and sexy. She daily affirms in thoughts and words that she is one hundred and forty pounds and sexy.

Once the proper mental focus and conditioning begin, failure is not an option. For every action choice she faces, she simply asks-who am I choosing to be in this 'now' moment? (one hundred and forty pounds and sexy) Will this action support or prevent who I am choosing to be? The choice then becomes easy and effortless.Procrastination steps out of the way. She now goes forward by choice, not by chance.

She starts operating as if ignited by an outside force and everything becomes free flowing, natural and easy; yes actually easy in the sense that it doesn't seem forced or a struggle!
 She takes bigger steps and is actually enjoying the change. The universe begins to conspire with her. The people and circumstances needed to help her to become one hundred and forty pounds and sexy starts to appear as if by magic!

We tend to call this luck or synchronicity but it is actually our deep resonating with the energy of our choice that is producing the effects. She is simply operating by the universal laws of manifestation. Some call this 'law of attraction' and makes it sounds as if it something reserved for Saints, Prophets and Martians. It is the mental and physical cohesion of the 'now choice' energy which directly drives the necessary physical actions and not the other way around. She is creating by law!

How long it takes for one hundred and forty pounds and sexy to manifest depends largely on the intensity of her focus and her emotional set point; that is how strong the feelings are that resonates with her 'now choice'

Suddenly she gets up one morning in a probable future, looks in the mirror and sees one hundred and forty pounds and sexy in reality. She has created it! This gift of creation is an inbuilt mechanism of every human being on this earth plane, but only few choose to capitalize on it.

Our success or failure is based on our 'now' choices- that is, desiring to 'be' and resonating in the ways explained above with that 'being' energy.

 The quantum physicists have now proven that everything is energy and energy and matter are, in fact, interchangeable. That is why desiring to manifest with enough focus, imagination and purposeful action will pull you into the probable future of your choice!

 So, to end my little discourse, who are you choosing to be in this 'now' moment?

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