Sunday, 25 May 2014


In this short post, I hope you will some of find the keys to moving your life forward in a direct way. Personal growth and success comes when the individual makes the decision to make it happen. If you have been keeping your life on hold for too long, I hope this simple, short but powerful post, will get you up and running. It is the simple things in life that counts; you can take my word for it.

Recently I joined The Huffington Post and has benefited immensely from the quantity and quality of information covering topics and events of interests, sent to my mailbox. Just since May  2014, I published a post about why bloggers and businesses should use Pinterests. On  May 24, 2014, I read an article from Jeff Bullas Blog entitltled:  9 awesome reasons to use infographics in your content Marketing.
Surprisingly, later that day, this little infographic below, from Mind Valley popped up in my mail box.

It is amazing how the universe takes your focused thoughts and queries and find avenues to supply the answers, or links you to others of similar interests. Talk about 'Law of attraction' at work.

I immediately pinned the infographic to my Personal growth and success board on Pinterests and simply could not resists Mind valley's temptation to 'share this image on your site.' For me, as a personal growth enthusiast, this little visual takes the cake, so I have decided to associate it with this post. If it resonates with you as it does with me, you may want to re-pin or give it a like on my board. This nice little informative and helpful peice of graphic comes as a prelude to Arianna Huffington's new book on Amazon, entitled "Thrive- the third metric to redefining success and creating a life of well being wisdom and wonder." By the way, Arianna is the person who founded The Huffington Post. View the infographic here.

I find this little piece of graphic very agreeable and interesting because it mentions, not only some of the things that have personally take me from a position of not knowing where I want to be, to one of certainty and purpose, but perhaps most of those covered in my latest personal growth kindle publication:The Power of Certainty.
Some of the suggestions on the graphic which stand out are: meditation, letting go, gratitude, focusing on your breathing, forgive yourself, giving or sharing small gifts of kindness; using a skill or talent that you have to help someone. Remember, if you cannot forgive yourself, you cannot forgive others and if you do not let go of external circumstances and seek your answers within, you cannot get go! View the infographic here

So, here's to your personal growth and success. May you live a happy, prosperous life!