Tuesday, 29 November 2016


It is time to live your life by choice!

The above statement obviously begs the question: Does the individual have a say or choice in the type of life he/she lives and the manner in which this life is lived? My answer is definitively YES, you can live your life by CHANCE or you can live it by CHOICE! You can continue to moan and groan about your external reality or you can choose to shape it. The choice is yours. That, my friend, is the wonder of the creative universe!

Let us briefly examine what I mean by these two statements. Living one's life by chance simply means that one creates his/her reality by default. To fully understand this one needs to grasp the concept that your inner world creates your outer world or that your thoughts are the creative units that inform what you manifest on the outside. Simply put this concept supports the Law of Attraction which states that what you give thought, feelings and emotions to sufficiently will show up in your reality. Not by magically waving a wand but through contrived thinking, followed by purposeful action over some period of time.

This concept is founded on the fact that the Law of attraction applies equally to everyone and therefore everyone possess the capacity to either use it deliberately through purposeful thinking and actions to manifest his/her positive desires or conversely to use it by default or chance to manifest the less than ideal life that you are living now.

Living your life by chance or default means that you operate without deliberately using Law of attraction to your advantage. Instead of giving thought, emotions and feelings to the positive things that you desire to manifest, you feed the  emotions of fear, anger, resentment and doubt by dwelling on the negatives in your reality through your thought process. You therefore feed the cycle and more of the unwanted show up in your outer world! But the law is universal and impartial therefore some of the few good things that come into your life do so, when by default you think and act in unison with the law. To live your life by choice you must think and act in the manner that supports the good things that you desire to manifest and not the negatives things that you do NOT desire to manifest.

I know that all of this might not be that easy to swallow, but from personal experience, I can assure you that this is so. That is why today I invite you to take the journey for yourself and discover how you can create the life of your dreams by choice.

I invite you to explore further, and see for yourself. The PROOF of the pudding is in the EATING! Find the answers to some of your burning questions on the concepts that I have put forward above, and more in my personal growth book: 'The Power of Certainty' now available as EBook, on Amazon, Paperback on CreateSpace and Audiobook on Audible.

Power Of Certainty represents everything this author has internalized about success and personal growth in his last ten years of reading,  research, experimentation and application. It is indeed, what has taken him from doubt to certainty, financial struggle to increasing financial success and from the rat race to a retired professional who now motivates through his writing and speaking. Certainty does not mean that you control everything that happens to you. It means, however, that you can create a desired outcome by focusing on the feelings, emotions and images associated with it and so take contrived and inspired actions. Working in conjunction with law of attraction you can establish certainty in what you DESIRE TO MANIFEST, not what you want! The two are not the same!

You can take control of your life, my friend, just as I did. Here's to your personal growth and success!

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