Friday, 9 May 2014


I know you are still looking in Mom and Dad!

Waving Gallery

Mom’s flight was sudden.
                                                            I was only a child then.

But from what I know of flights now
It must have been a deadly rush to get
To that Airport.

I faintly recall the strange retorts
Mingled with tears.
Someone hoisted me shoulder high,
And, though I could not see
From my distant gallery,
I must have waved.

This time it was so different.
Dad was well prepared.
We helped him pack slowly.
Kept time with him.

He was ahead…

We watched him barely make
The tarmac, hobbling with pain.
Up the temporary steps, struggling
With age.

On reaching the anxious doors, his
Puny hands he lifted and waved as
He slid through.
And, though we could not see
From our distant gallery,
He must have smiled!

So, we smiled and we waved, although
We felt downcast,
For we knew he would be meeting mom
At last.

 Leonard Sappleton