Tuesday, 20 May 2014


In a previous article, I explained exactly why Social Media Marketing is rapidly replacing Search Engine Optimization as a source for driving both general and targeted traffic to your website. I gave some statistics of the top Social Media sites in their order of influence by way of the number of estimated unique monthly  visitors. At the top of the list ranked Facebook, Twitter second, LinkedIn third, with Pinterest in the fourth spot and rapidly improving.

For a relatively new social site, online marketers can only ignore Pinterest at their own peril. I have been doing a little thinking as to why this social site is expanding so rapidly. This is not hard to figure out when one examines how the absorption of new material, or what we call learning takes place. The visual stimulus is foremost in providing evidence of what is around us. You might argue why other visually related sites like Flickr, Instagram, or even photo storage sites like Photo bucket has not made the progress that Pinterest has made in terms of numbers of monthly unique visitors.

I think it is primarily based on the way in which Pinterest is organized; especially how the interactive and personal adaptability options are configured. A board is not just a collage; it gives the creator the ability to provide source links, pin and re-pin images and to offer visuals with sales tags and links to commercial websites and blogs, as well as to access, follow and like other boards. This makes it the ultimate visual and social interactive marketing bank of the twenty first century; a fact web marketers can only ignore to their detriment.

But, the purpose of this article is not to rattle on about the benefits of Pinterest; it is to provide you with a resource to learn how to create and use your own Pinterest boards to generate your online marketing success. Believe me, with sites like Pinterest, Internet Marketing has taken a big boost.Just for reading this post, I would like to give you two gifts that can help you to propel your way to online success with the use of one of the fastest growing Social media Marketing Sites-PINTEREST!

Gift number one

To access your simple Pinterest training video, simply click on the Pinterest logo below. This will take you to my Personal Growth and Success Pinterest board. Simply click on the "Simple Pinterst Training" You- tube video and watch.You'll be glad you did. It was invaluable to me as a marketer and it will also be invaluable to you.


Gift number two

Click the download image below to access your Pinterest for Business training PDF

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