Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Belief is the foremost personal growth and success factor!

I started this blog, mainly because of the many personal growth and success ideas and techniques that I have applied to myself in the past five years or so; and particularly because I have personally experienced what a change in mindset can do.

I am a little bit teary eyed (at the time of writing this post, Tuesday June 10, 2014) because of an article I just read in one of my home country newspapers; The Jamaica Observer. This post is primarily about this touching article and I have copied the link to share with you as the main substance for this post. You can pick up the success story here if you do not want to continue with my preamble, or you can pick up the link at the end of my ramblings. Either way, you win.

Faith is nothing more than a belief, so ingrained in your subconscious mind, that it will support the expectations of your conscious mind. That is when so called 'miracles' happen. That is why Christ said: If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain be ye removed and be cast into the sea and it is done. Of course, Christ did not mean literal mountains; he meant that no matter how big the problem is it is not insurmountable. Christ also said that if  you 'ask in faith, believing you shall receive.'

I am not trying here, to impose religion on you. These sayings merely support the fact of modern day quantum physicists that everything is energy and that 'thought' is the primary creative vehicle: anything the mind can think and believe, it can achieve. Nothing that man has created in Science and industry has been made without first being formed as an image in the mind. The basic trouble with devising your own personal growth and success through thought is the fundamental belief systems embedded in your subconscious mind which are acting contrary to the thought process of the conscious mind. You must get in alignment; that is, adjust your subconscious beliefs to be in sync with your conscious expectations.

As you read this article, look out for the basic beliefs taught to Tahirah Williams by her mother which cements in her the faith  to achieve her dreams. Notice also how the universe contrives with her and send external help. The formula is simple, you cannot succeed if you do not belief you can. You cannot be prosperous if you do not belief in prosperity.

Enough said; here is the link to your personal growth and success mustard seed story. I hope you will find personal inspiration in this story as much as I did. Here's to your success!

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