Sunday, 27 July 2014


The new look ‘Google’ is indeed fast becoming, if not already so, a one stop shop for online marketers when it comes to establishing an online presence and promulgating their business  for success.

If you are starting online with limited or no budget then Google becomes the God Father of them all in providing a low or no cost start-up which can propel you to online prosperity.  

From creating an optin form, creating a contact form, displaying an online presentation, displaying a video presentation, customizing a blog or website for business, displaying links, banners and images, analyzing traffic and advertising your business, Google does them all.

In addition, Google drive also provides an efficient storage for all your documents; providing share URL for them so that you can easily create a download link for your PDF’s or other files.
Google also provides excellent social media through Google plus with its circles and pages. Google audio and Video Hangouts can be used effectively to do online video presentations which can be extremely useful for marketing purposes. The beauty of this all, is that you can access all of Google programs, systems and applications through one log in: your Gmail address and password.

I recently discovered the importance of Google Forms when I needed to place a contact form on this blog for the purposes of receiving queries to my newly added page: Writing and editing Services. Google forms not only allow you to create and place the form on your site, but it creates along with it a form response, saved in the form of an excel spreadsheet, so that you can access the names, emails and requests of subscribers.

 Here are the verbal and pictorial steps below:   

 Log into your Google account and select your drive. If you do not have a Google account sign up here:

 Once in your drive click on the ‘create’ button and select ‘Form’ from the drop down box.
Click on Form to open Google forms

 The ‘choose title and theme’ box will open up. Put the instruction to your form in the in the box marked ‘untitled form.’ Something like: Please leave your messages below (Some images show untitled because I am only using this to demonstrate)
Select a theme that is suitable for your website or blog from the list by clicking on your choice    .                     
     Click ok.

.       In the untitled question box type ‘text.’

 Click ‘done.’                                                                                                                                 


Click 'add item.'                                                                                                                              

    In the 'untitled question' box type 'Email.'
   Click 'done.'
 In the 'untitled question' box type 'message.'
 From the 'question type' text box, drop down and select 'paragraph text.'

  Click 'done.' (This will bring up the final version of your form.)
   Select view live form from the options above this page

    Go back to the previous page and click 'send form.' 
    (This will take you to the share and embed codes.)

      Here is how you will see the icons in your drive.

You can also use Google forms to create an optin form for building your email list. In this case you would simple stop at the name and email address instead of putting in a message box. In the header marked subscription form just where untitled form would show in my above example; you can now put a prompt to your offer. Just keep it simple; something like: subscribe below for my monthly newsletters. 

Google form collects the names and email addresses and deposits them in a subscription form response excel document. The only draw back here is that you will have to manually reply to the emails. However once you have used this medium to promote your blog and your offers, you should then be in a financial position to automate with an autoresponder.

Thanks for reading. Now go build yourself some forms for your blog or website!