Thursday, 31 July 2014


In July of 2012, I decided to take my retirement into my own hands. I was 57 years and nine months old.
I taught high school children the Biological Sciences for a little more than 33 years, with the exception of the 5 years I spent as Life Insurance Sales Manager.
In my country retirement from the teaching profession is automatic at age 60 years.

I took that decision based on my newly found recipe for success; fined tuned and adapted for my life, from my more than six years of personal search for the formula that allows one to create their life dreams and goals. Since then I have written four books to the Amazon KDP platform, among them "The Power Of Certainty' outlining the formula I honed from my reading and research; how one can live his/her life by choice and not by chance.

But this post, my friend, is not about me; it is about you. Yes my dear reader, it is about you. I assume that my readers will fall into any of the following categories: young professionals dreaming to retire early, young and unemployed seeking the dream life opportunity, the young College student, overworked and underpaid employee, the retired and bored, or  the retired and broke- both  seeking an earning opportunity, the bored stay at home mom or Dad, or even the retired and affluent, seeking to get involved in an opportunity to help others. If I left out anyone, I assure you it is not by choice.

Recently I found a very attractive business opportunity to add new income to my current blogging and writing business. While this opportunity is offered to all, I particularly want to target those who fall in the retired category, like myself, because that is when additional income is needed for a number of reasons.

 Firstly, your nutrition and health demands increases and this requires additional income for survival. Secondly, you may not have achieved your life goals. This opportunity will allow you to brush the dust from those shelved dreams and work towards achieving them. Thirdly, without the daily movements and energy expended in a job, boredom usually sets in after retirement. This opportunity let you find an outlet for this pent-up energy.
Finally, which retiree would not want an opportunity to be successful, travel the world and experience the prosperous life?

I have taken the lead in this opportunity so that I am now in a position to be your sponsor and guide you into a business that can provide the income for you to live the life of your dreams. I have read and researched this business, as I tend to do with all opportunities presented to me.  Its appeal is not just about its earning power, but for me, its about the opportunity to help others achieve their dreams of success and share the good life with me.

To learn more about this business opportunity, please go here to my personal website (You will be given a website too) and explore the "start a business" option. You can poke around and look at the products on the site as well. My photograph and contact information are to the right of the page. Email or call me, if you like what you see or if you just want to buy one of the many exceptional products, go ahead and purchase online. Either way, you win!

Thanks in advance!

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