Monday, 2 January 2017


It is customary for many of us to make New Year’s Resolution at the end of each year; in most, if not all cases, hoping that these new standards that we set ourselves will, ultimately make us into better individuals.

It is noteworthy, however, that more than ninety percent of these resolves get thrown out the window before the end of the first month of the year. Does that mean that the individuals who made them were not sincere? Of course they were. What then, is the reason for not following through? It all boils down to one thing; PROCRASTINATION, and I write it in capital letters, because many good intentions get trampled by this giant of a spoiler. 

Resolutions should be based on who is it that you want to be in the ‘now’. I know, it may sound complicated, but really all you have is the ‘now moment.’ The idea of past present and future is delusional, but it is necessary for our physicality, otherwise we could not manage life in this dimension. Every so-called past, present and future moment is really only a now moment. (For further clarification please see my article: Success is based on your ‘now’ choices.

In making a ‘now’ moment choice you should begin by asking yourself the question: who do I want to be now? Not yesterday, not the next hour, not later today, not tomorrow, but who do I want to be NOW.

Let us take a simple example: I resolve to quit smoking come January 01, 2016. The way this is stated is the reason why it will most likely fail. Try this: who do I want to be now? Answer: a non-smoker. What does it feel like to be a non-smoker? Breathe this in and absorb that feeling then put it in the now; say, I am a non-smoker NOW.

Follow this up with the behavior of a non-smoker. Every time that you think about reaching for a cigarette, remember who you are in the now-you are a non-smoker. All change begins within, and so if you become that change in your being, the physical manifestations of that change will show up. This does not mean that you do not act, but the actions will become secondary. Not only will the action become secondary, but universal forces will guide you into these actions, as well as provide the necessary supporting individuals and circumstances for your success.We sometimes call this determination or will power, but what it comes down to is a simple 'NOW MOMENT' choice.

This approach can be used for any of your dreams, goals or plans. You must become the thing you want to be; that is, absorb it into your being; feel it, sleep it, eat it, drink it. Once you begin with this internal change, it will materialize. This is not philosophical BS; it is the way the ‘Law of attraction’ works. We fail, and we procrastinate because we do not decide to ‘be’ what we want ‘now.’ Putting some future date on it only acts against your desire. This is doubt, because it is saying that I cannot be this or these things unless a certain timeline elapse. The timeline, however, is not determined by you but by the 'beingness' of your choice; how strongly you have internalized the choice and hence how strong the vibration that is sent to the universal forces. Yes, physicality dictates that some so-called ‘time’ will elapse before the full materialization, but the way it works is that you must ‘be’ the thing before you ‘see’ the manifestation. This is one of, if not the most critical factor to your success! 

Failure occurs because we try to create in the reverse, we want to see the thing before we believe that we are the thing, so we fight with actions that sicken and stress us, trying to act our way to success. We cannot act our way to success, we must be success in being, demeanor, thoughts and mind and our actions will become easier and less stressed; guided if you will. 

So, procrastination takes over and you reach for another cigarette. STOP! REMEMBER! Who do I want to be NOW! A non-smoker, of course. If that is what you seriously CHOOSE to BE NOW I guarantee you that you will pull your hand back and simply remember who you are.

I want you now to take your resolutions, whatever they are; to be rich, to lose weight, to find the love of your dreams, to write that book, to become that motivational speaker to give up smoking, to have that dream house; and the list goes on. Cement them into your consciousness now, by saying I am so and so or I have so and so.   And, yes, your little internal gremlin will start to tear you down with negative statements like, but you are not that, you can’t be that because nobody in your family has ever been that, you are not worthy to be that, you do not have what it takes to be that, you do not have the money, you do not have the time, blah blah blah, stop fooling yourself... and myriads of other statements will surface. So how, you ask, do I maintain the ‘I am’ posture. You do so by silencing your inner critic, your little annoying, lying gremlin!

Next question: how do I silence my inner critic, my little annoying, lying gremlin? Simply address it as you would another person. Say ‘shut up! when I need your opinion I’ll ask for it!’ You can say these words aloud or in your mind, and then immediately affirm; 'I am so and so.' 

Do not underestimate the power of these ‘I am” statements!

Now you are on your way to success, but who says life is always smooth? There will be doubts, obstacles and bothersome situations but that is where your 'now choice' resolve is needed. Here is my closing example following up on the smoking  scenario of paragraph five above: 

It is now January 01, 2016.You reach for another cigarette. You put the tip between your lips. You take up your lighter. You flick the igniter with your thumb. The flame pops up. You put the flame to the end of the cigarette and you are about to puff. Suddenly, because you made a ‘now moment choice’ you remember: I AM A NON-SMOKER, NOW! Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not next year, but NOW. But your little gremlin says, ‘the hell with resolutions, I’ll just have this the last one and then I’ll quit! Sure I'll quit, just let me savor the last one please!'
You say to the gremlin: ‘Nice try but when I need your opinion I'll ask for it,Shut up! and then you re-affirm; I AM A NON-SMOKER NOW!

I assure you that this ‘now moment choice’ is a strong enough urge for you to put down that cigarette and that lighter. As you cement this ‘now moment choice’ into your subconscious, it becomes easier and easier; you are in fact, a non-smoker, that is what you choose to be now, not yesterday, not the next hour, not later today, not tomorrow. You are a non-smoker, now! Another day goes by; it gets easier, and another-easier, and another -easier. Then the struggle stops and you begin to laugh at just how stupid you were. You stand beside a friend who lights up and you watch him blow the thin smoke away. You smile; what the hell does he think he is doing with his lungs. I AM A NON-SMOKER NOW!

Do this for all your resolutions. Savor the moment. Here is to your personal growth and success!

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