Thursday, 30 April 2015


At the time of writing this article, I have just received breaking news delivered to my inbox  from the Social times, written today, April 30, 2015. I could not help but notice the stark correlation between the article I had just completed earlier in the day, about the profound advantages of social media on businesses and individuals.

This post provides living proof of the capacity of Social Media to support business and marketing but the entire spectrum of human affairs.

You must have heard about the earthquakes in nepal in South central Asia, located between India and China. Nepal was hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake April 25, 2015 at 11.56 NST. Estimated damage to date is 5800 people dead and twice as many injured.

So, why am I rattling on about this? Simply because social media is playing an extremely positive role in the Nepal relief support. Here is the Social Times headline:

How Social Media is Aiding Relief Efforts for Nepal

The Article was written by Kimberlee Morrison, just today, April 30, 2015. You can get the whole scoop by clicking on the headline.

According to the article: "In the wake of earthquakes in Nepal social media sites have been pitching in to help. Some are raising funds, others are using local data and status updates to confirm that survivors are safe. Facebook has a safety check tool, that scans for friends that may be in the affected area. Users can then send messages to friends in the affected areas, and get automatic updates when friends declare themselves safe." In addition, "Facebook also has also featured a donation button at the top of users' newsfeeds, and plans to match up to $two-million of donations. Absolutely marvelous, isn't it! The Power of Social Media!

Google also has a similar platform relating to photo upload and name search. Other sites doing other things are mentioned in the article. You see, I could not resist this article as it is adding tremendous support to the points I raised in my two other articles: Who really needs seo to market online and Social media boom.  In an age of technology and automation, there is no ending as to how far mankind can go in an upward evolution!
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