Thursday, 30 April 2015


In a previous article: Who really needs SEO to market online? I outlined the power of the Social Media sites in generating traffic for business and contributing to sale generation. You can read the article here. In that article I also shared some statistics for total monthly users of several social media sites. But,if you think those stats were staggering, you need to check out this latest news story.

Well, it seems that my take on the matter is being supported by this current trend. Facebook's latest announcement is a case in point. Here is the headliner as it appears on the Social times.

Facebook Hits 40 Million Page Milestone, Launches Live Chat for Businesses

What does this mean for businesses large and small? In a nutshell, SUCCESS!
Seriously, though, it means a number of things. It means increased customer base for businesses in the sense that there can be interactive exchanges between businesses who need products or services from each other. The live chat introduction enhances day to day interaction among such businesses as well as with external customers and non-business Facebook fans. All of this means greater transparency in transactions and less time delay in getting products or services out. It also means a faster turn around time for solving consumer issues, but even moreso increased advertising opportunities!  

In the article I also added that Social media marketing is becoming increasingly effective in traffic generation, advertising and sales. In terms of advertising Facebook is also among the top Social Media Marketing site. Just take a look at this piece of news from the same source; an article written by  David Cohen on february 24, 2015.

Facebook Tops 2M Active Advertisers, Debuts Ads Manager iOS App 

It is clear that business success will, in the future, depend largley on the ever-increasing number of Social Media sites. The Internet is paticularly conducive to Social Media Sites therefore it is no coincidence that the numbers of these sites and the ocupation of these sites are increasing.  For, example ,the fairly newly added Pinterest, seems to increasing at rapid speed in both usability and popularity. The young seems to be attracted to these sites as well, and an increasing number of young entrepreneurs are using the Internet and Social media sites to stimulate their own personal growth and success. Everyday the 'rag to riches' success stories increase.

The world is increasingly becoming a single marketplace and a single social interactive platform. Those who fail to use it for business solutions or personal growth and success stimulant will no doubt, suffer the consequences. If you have not yet joined any of these sites, I urge you to do so now. Social Media Sites are open to the young and old, so why not get onboard.
Whether you are a retired professional, stay home mom young entrepreneur, student, small business or large business owner you can accelerate your growth by actively engaging these sites.

Here is to your personal growth and success!