Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Recently I added some extra working out time to my schedule and I found the returns extremely gratifying. It has resulted, not only in me having a clearer mind and a deeper focus, but I feel a lot happier! Each day as I go through the paces I find myself repeating: Your health is your greatest wealth. 

When I examine the correlation between the two words I was appalled. Actually, if the 'w' in wealth is replaced by the 'h'   in health or  vice-versa then both words are identical. Is this coincidence? I think not! Happiness and success comes only with good health. That is why success is not tied to only material and financial gains.

What then is success? Is it having enough financial and material gains? Of course, yes, but that is just a part of it. What about being happy? If one is rotten rich and unhappy, is he or she successful? If you had trailer loads of cash and was dying from a severe illness wouldn't you pay any price to recover? I am sure you would. In this sense, your health is indeed, your greatest wealth, but how many people throw caution to the wind and totally undervalue their health while slaving to establish material wealth. Success, my friend is being healthy, being wealthy and being happy! 

Notice, however, that they are all states of 'being.'  In my free Ebook: Take control of your life I wrote that one must first 'be' the thing before one can 'become the thing.' This might sound confusing to some but if you cannot generate a 'feeling state' or 'beingness' of something then the material manifestation of the thing is almost impossible. That is why the law of attraction teaches that you must be in alignment or vibration which corresponds to the vibration of the 'energy units' responsible for materializing anything. See also my article success is based on your now choices for making 'being' decisions.

Some persons have a problem with this thinking because they believe that it focuses too much on 'mind' rather than action, but in each and every instance 'mind' precedes action; that is the way of the creative process in physicality as well as spirituality: "And God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light." Thought, then words, then manifestation. In the physical realm; thought then words, then action, then manifestation! God is not bound by Time and Space and Action; he simply creates by thought!

It follows, therefore that if you do not create the 'feeling state' or 'beingness' of health, wealth and happiness, you will never be able to generate health, wealth and happiness in the truest sense. It is the mental conditioning preceding the physical exercises that creates a health state of being and not the other way around. Being mentally and physically happy and being mentally and physically healthy  are the pre-requisites for becoming mentally and materially wealthy! You should try dancing! It is an extremely positive way to generate physical fitness and staying focused. Watch this video!

Mental clarity is extremely enhanced by purposeful training of the physical self. Your health is indeed, your greatest wealth! Get some tips from this video below and start your training. You'll be glad you did!