Tuesday, 5 May 2015


As I stated in my 'about page' this blog is about self-help and success. My intention is to give you many of the necessary tools needed for your personal growth. This makes this blog fairly comprehensive since, apart from techniques designed to create a proper mindset; such as Tapping, Affirmations amd Meditation, to name a few.
I also aim to provide resources to help you to establish yourself online, write and publish your book, become adept at internet marketing, improve your ability to speak publicly and to establish Social Media presence. Pretty comprehensive insn't it?

Why this new affirmation? Nothing really! I am just elated because lately I decided that each day I am going to find something useful and noteworthy from my emails and/or social media sites to share with my readers. This new found thrust is responsible for the most recent articles, as I write, today, May 05, 2015.

So, what is in store for you today? Just what the heading says and this came from a blog post sent to my inbox. this morning. Oh the power of the Internet! Here is the headline:

The Ultimate List of Free Content Creation Tools and Resources

Having read the article myself, I think it is one of the most important list for Bloggers, Marketers and Authors, or just about anyone who wishes to build an online presence and establish credibility. I have presented some pretty cools ways of doing things for free myself in a couple of articles, especially for the beginner who might be lacking funds.See articles such as: A Google account, How to generate free traffic and How to give away a free eBook

However,this one really takes the cake. All credit goes out to Hubspot Blogs for their invaluable contribution to free tools and resources for Bloggers like myself. But, what am I really  mumbling on about? You want to read the article for yourself, right? I thought so!   Go ahead and read the post.
You will be glad you did!


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