Sunday, 3 May 2015


Since the commencement of this blog, I have been posting about various programs and techniques for personal growth and success. Just reflecting, I realized that I have not said much on one of the more important personal growth tools; affirmations. This is a technique that I used successfully to boost my own self-confidence which was lacking. I have also used it successfuly for weight loss and financial growth.

What are affirmations? Affirmations are positive statements relating to any personal growth changes that you desire to manifest in your life; whether it be losing weight, growing your finances or improving your self esteem. Why do affirmations work for some people and do not work for others? The answer is simple:BELIEF or MINDSET.

First of all let us look at how affirmations should be stated and then examine the reasons for their failure. Affirmations are best useful if stated in the present tense positive. For example; I am not obese would be a very poor affirmation relating to weight loss, but I am in perfect physical shape, I have the body that I desire, or some such statement would represent a better version. See my article; Success is based on your now choices to understand how affirming in the 'now' can contribute to your goal achievments.

Now we all know that repetition works. Can you remember how you learnt the alphabet in kindergarten with frequent repetitions songs and rhymes.? Then one day, you just suddenly wake up and, not only repeated the whole thing but could write and pronounce the words as well!

So, affirmations do work but if one has a negative belief or mindset ingrained in one's subconscious, regular repetition might just not work, or if it does it would take an exceptionally long time. That is why most users who have not first dealt with the subconscious negative belief tend to give up on affirmations before they could be subconsciously ingrained. You see, your subconscious beliefs must be in sync with your conscious expectations for you to achieve those expectations.Here is a real story from a real life personal growth enthusiast: What should you do if affirmations don't work?

I have found that repeating the affirmation in a meditative state contributes to its achiement because the meditative state records it on the subconscious until it overides or cancels your former negative belief. I have also used Tapping to successfully remove a negative mindset and replace it with a positive one The subconscious mind is like a CD stacker, and will keep replaying the disks you put there over the years, until you use some personal growth tool like Emotional Freedom technique (EFT also called Tapping) or meditation to remove it.

I have found that using the above mentioned techniques to create the mindset for the change in your life that you desire to manifest,while consciously repeating affirmations on an every day basis accelerates your growth. And, what about action? you might ask, are these techniques going to get me the money I desire or the house or the car? Certainly not, but unless you first attack the problem from the foundation you will find that employing rushed and forced action will only frustrate you. That is why a great many of the populace run around daily trying to catch their tail and never get anywhere in life, while for others, it seems easy.

You cannot force the universe to give you what you desire to manifest, you can only work with its laws. Using the techniques described puts you in a positon to do just that. So, start affirming now!
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