Sunday, 24 May 2015


The basis of this article stems from an interesting headline that showed up on my Facebook timeline (Sunday, May 24, 2015)
I have never been one to discuss Religion or Politics because I find that both can lead to dead ends most of the times. I also do not subscribe to many of the beliefs and rituals of so-called religious sects. I do not believe that God can be captured in a bottle and labelled for specific consumption of any kind. Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience, must indeed supercede any such human simplistic notions.

But, before I keep ranting about my own theological perspectives; here is the article headline:

(Click the headline link, watch the video and read the full article for yourself.)

Well, strangely enough, I did not need a Priest to tell me that! I have always asked one very searching question: How can a God who has unconditional love, burn his own creation in eternal fire? What then would be the meaning of this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? For it should mean setting no conditions or obligations to fulfil in order to reap that love, unless I completely mis-construe the meaning of 'unconditional.'

Beliefs play such an important role in shaping one's own person growth that one should be very selective in what he or she records in their subconscious as that will, to a large extent, determine the direction of their life. Ever wonder why some people can never rise above their present material circumstances? They trap themselves in a sea of negative beliefs.

I have said in more than one of my articles that in order for any human to manifest any desired outcome, the subconscious beliefs must be in sync with the conscious expectations. If you deeply believe that if you acquire a little material success you will be doomed to burn in everlasting fire, it follows that any attempt on your part to gain such success will be sabotaged by your own thinking. Even if you temporarily make some gains, sooner or later all of this will be flushed down the drain.

It seems that my Sunday Sermon has led to more promising proof of the unconditional love that I have spoken about. The universe has a way of providing its own proof. Today is Monday May 26, 2015, and I have to repost this post with this addition. Your follow up headline:


Please click the highlighted headline to read the full story.

Here then ends this Sunday's Sermon: Be careful what you believe because it will come true!
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