Thursday, 4 June 2015


As I said recently I have been simply observing my email and my social media platform to inform me on important information necessary for my blog posts as it relates to the substance of my blog. This has proved to be quite a gratifying experience and has been going very well.

Here is another piece of information shared to my Facebook page that I am forced to blog about. Since my blog is dedicated to personal growth and success, and hence, the ultimate evoluyion of mankind, I consider this information extremely important. I think that it should be read by all and your personal interpretation and response given on it. A strange headline indeed:

Alien Message to Mankind: “Do You Wish That We Show Up?”

While this might seem weird, a thorough reading of historical experiences and a deep understanding of self and the cosmos, would naturally lead one to think that galaxies and beings exist outside of earth. Only a strictly naive and overly fanatic person would doubt this. However, I have no intention of thrusting my philosophical and ontological views upon you. Simply read the story and form your own opinions. Not, only am I of the opinion that extra-terrestrial beings exist but I also believe that they are no way as threatening as our fear-based movies tend to portray. 

Mankind is evolving, and very young in its evolutionary stages at that. Other beings have evolved much further and do not need to exist in 'materialized form' as we currently do. We possess the ability to expand to this level but the majority of us do not believe it. We do not believe that we have the power, moreso to attempt to use it. That partly, is responsible for our current crises. I know, I sound like some of what you will be told from these beings 'on the other side' but I promise you, you will either come away acknowledging some level of authenticity or continuing in your utter dismissal of such a reality. Either way, you win. Now, go read the story!

Simply click on the image to read the full scoop for yourself.  If you enjoy reading this article please share it.