Wednesday, 9 November 2016


The 13th of August, 2015, I made a post on this blog with the above title. Because of all that transpired between then and now, I have been forced to make several updates. This is my fourth and last post. Each post has an headline and you can read them all below. Just click on the headlines. This is 4 a.m my time and I am watching Donald Trump give his victory speech on television. I do not need another headline. Thanks for reading. I bow graciously!

I simply cannot resist this repost number three in my chronological sequence of posting on Donald Trump's bid for POTUS since my first post in August 15, 2015.

 Insight or Prophecy? You, my dear reader can make your own analysis and decide! But today, May 26, 2016, almost a year later, another headline has supported my first post:


Trump reaches delegate number to clinch GOP nomination


This is my second repost about Donald Trump since my first post in August 15, 2015 in his bid for the GOP nomination, and ultimately the US presidency, and I am ecstatic! Can't say I didn't tell you so!

Fast forward to today, February 24, 2016: Your new headline:

Trump clobbers Rubio and Cruz in Nevada, cementing his frontrunner status

The post commencing from the underlined headline below became my first published blog post about Donald trump, on the 13th of August, 2015. I made a very early call on the GOP nomination when others were booing! A lot has happened since then, but more so to support my perspective rather than to change it. So I am boldly reposting, today, the 29th of November, 2015. Don't say I did not tell you so! The paragraph below summed up my December repost comment.

Today, December 4, 2015, utterly euphoric from this headline, I am forced to repost!  Please check out the headliner link and read the earlier article below it.


Donald Trump Opens Commanding Lead In New CNN Poll


Donald Trump might very well become America's next President. Stop...let it sink in....Read that again; Donald Trump might very well become America's next President.

I have been following the Trump story, starting out first just believing that this man is a joke and a waste of time. But when the polls say something different, I started examining the issues and studying the facts more closely. I simply couldn't figure out what this outspoken, brash, rich man was doing right, or, not doing wrong! As usual, in times of confusion, I turned to Google:


                                                               Donald trump  

Definition number one: 

Any of several mostly ground-dwelling birds of the genus Psophia of tropical South America, having a loud resonant call.

Definition number two:

 A soldier, usually in a mounted unit, whose duty is to sound the required trumpet calls. 

Definition number three: 

trumpet player; specifically : one that gives signals with a trumpet. b : one that praises or advocates

Definition number four:

trumpet is a musical instrument. It has the highest register in the brass family. As a signaling device, trumpets have a very long history.

Definition number five:

A person who plays a trumpettrumpet player

O.K. you say, so what do these measly definitions have to do with Donald Trump and the American Presidency? My response: everything. I have underlined some words and phrases in each definition that fit in precisely with Trump's Modus operandi. Generally speaking, what Donald Trump has been doing differently from his colleagues is 'not playing it by the books'. He is daring to be different and it is working because people love controversy, they love sensationalism, but they also adore frankness, forthrightness and outspokenness!! And women love a little spunk in a man! Why do you think the nicest boys do not always get the nicest girls? Trump brings to the table an excitement that takes away from the boringness and  the dull promise-ridden political debate. The people already know that most of the regular politicians do not always say what they mean and do what they say! Enuff said.

Let's take the first underlined phrase: a loud resonant call.  When a call is loud it does two things; it forces you to hear and when it resonates it forces you to think and respond. Trump, is simply shouting is bold responses to the issues that his other colleagues approach with euphemistic fervor. The beauty of it all is that his name is onomatopoeic, he is indeed a Trumpeter!

The second underlined phrase: sound the required trumpet calls. Notice, not 'sound the trumpet calls' but 'the required trumpet calls.' Trump draws attention to the real issues, laying it bare despite who it may offend. He is not about offending, he is about problem-solving-a typical businessman's preoccupation.

We come to the third set of underlined phrases:one that gives signals with a trumpet. b : one that praises or advocates. So, Donald trump is not only drawing attention to the issues, he is giving praise where it is due and calling a spade a spade where it is due, albeit, a little overdone sometimes, but that is the nature of trumpeting! He is also championing the cause of many individuals disgruntled with the United States political system- 'Make America great again'-a real advocate for change!

The fourth underlined phrases: it has the highest register in the brass family. As a signalling device...
In terms of bringing out the facts about specific and general issues, such as the Iran deal and immigration, Trump stands head and shoulders above his counterparts. He is in fact becoming a yardsick by which the others are judged and so he continues to signal to the gross inequities and political foul-ups of this disjointed American society.

And, as usual,the best wine is served the last; the fifth underlined phrase:A person who plays a trumpettrumpet player.
This is the best of them, simply because it describes precisely what the Donald is doing; sounding his trumpet

Those who have ears to hear let them hear! Keep trumpeting, Donald, keep trumpeting! 

You may very well, to the surprise of many, get in the White House yet!!! 

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