Friday, 11 September 2015


Wow! This is the only word I can find to describe the awesome feeling and immense knowing that I got from listening to two hours of the non-physical entities Abraham, channelled through Esther Hicks, with her husband Jerry directing the questions from the large listening audience. If you haven't listened to any of Esther's channelling before, you should try to do so. It is not only fulfilling but provides very practical information for staying vibrationally focused.

Sure enough I have read extensively on the Law of Attraction and sure enough, I have practised many of its tenets, but lastnight's (September 10, 2015) clarifications from Abraham, simply took the cake.

Here are some of the things that came out forcefully to me:

  • We are living in a vibrational universe. Now, I knew this but was just not so clear on it until I heard it from Abraham. It simply means that everything is energy and therefore vibrates a frequency constant to its own condition. We in the physical state possesses our own vibrational escrow. We are also eternal beings who simply pass into non-physical on what we call 'death.'
  • There is a vibrational vortex in which every possible situation, condition and material substance transmitted by our thoughts, emotions and desires exist.
  • To get into this vortex we need to create the vibrational match by understanding who we are, by knowing there is absolutely nothing to worry about, and by being in a state of 'feeling good' about ourselves. That is when we will attract the things we have sent there through out thought processes.
  • Pain is nothing more than a glitch in our vibrational escrow. Because we dwell so much on it it will persist. The difficulty is to switch the emotions from one of fear and focus on the pain to emotions of joy and happiness. If we can make this switch and enter the vortex, the pain and discomfort will go and we will appear to have a miraculous healing!
  • If we keep asking ourselves 'outside the vortex' questions such as why am I suffering? why don't I have enough money? or why can't I attract the right partner, then we fail to create the needed vibrational match to manifest our desires. Our focus should be to create the state of feeling good about ourselves despite the seeming physical inability. Only by generating enough of this positive emotion, to the point of belief (faith) can the shift occur. such is the law of the vibrational universe.
  • To help us get into this vortex we need to begin with what we desire to manifest, not what we do not want.
  • We cannot try to influence change in behavior of others, such as hate, worry, dishonesty and so on. We must first get into the vortex ourselves. from there the universe has the capacity to work everything out. So, having relationship issues, for example? Don't sweat the small stuff, get yourself in the vibrational vortex.
Now, all of this might sound impractical, but I invite you to try it.You will find that it is not so           difficult after all. So, are you having a bad experience? Sure, you must have had good ones, however small. It takes just one small good thought, to another good thought, to another good thought and, very soon you start feeling better.You start thinking and emotionally matching those thought and very soon the good things start showing up! The trouble with us is that we  oscillate between good feeling thoughts and bad ones so often, we fail to make the vibrational match.

Why don't you try it, just for today?  Establish what you want with clear thinking and matching           emotions. Get in that vortex! You'll be glad you did!
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