Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Perhaps the most disturbing and the most negative thing among some of us humans is our ability to justify our choices; to make excuses for our lack of success or our unwarranted actions.

There is an almost inexhaustible source of personal growth material; books, recordings, and videos that address the issue of how our thinking influences our outcomes and this writer has had a few posts on same. Take for example my post: Empower your Mind for Success among many others, such as Positive affirmations for success and abundance.

So, my point is? If you do not stop finding excuses not to succeed, not to improve your life, not to move forward, those excuses will keep finding you and success will drift further and further away from you. Basically what I am talking about is mental conditioning. Every time we give ourselves an excuse, the mind find ways of manufacturing even more dubious excuses. What happens is that you mentally force yourself into a hole from which escape becomes extremely difficult, though not impossible, if you dare to stop the excuses and create the right mindset. And from this hole, we blame everything and everyone but ourselves!

Here are four examples of excuses that have kept me down in the past, and are keeping many people down today:

I AM NOT WORTHY: You need to ask yourself what makes Tom Jones, John Brown or Mary Jane worthy and not you. We were all biologically created with the same biological systems-circulatory, digestive and so on. Some of us might have slight or even extreme physical disablilities but our biological functions are similar. What amazes me is how many people with so-called disabilities step up to the plate and others with sound and strong physique, keep making excuses. Worthiness is a mindset, nothing more, stop saying you are not worthy! If others are worthy, you are worthy!

I CANNOT DO IT: What can you not do? If others have done it you can too! The more you say you cannot do it, the more the mind find other excuses. If it is humanly possible, YOU CAN DO IT!
My motto is 'Anything is possible, therefore everything is possible'

I DO NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES: This is perhaps the worst of the three basic excuses. I know, in most cases we know of, the lacking resource is money. All this takes to overcome is Educating yourself in the right direction. With the advent of technology and the increasing simplicity in carrying out transactions worldwide, leveraging other people's money can be easy. did you know that you honestly, can make money without money? You can also obtain other resources you might need if you go through the right channels. Don't know the channels? Find someone who does. Life is about networking!

I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME: This is a very negative excuse because what you do with your time depends largely on you and what you want to achieve. Technology has also made it easier for you to bring available information to you, sometimes even if you are on the job. If it's about marketing the world wide web has made it easier for you to reach not only thousands but millions of people at the same time. There is also the very grand possibility of leveraging other people's time.

The point of all the foregoing, is that the more you keep telling yourself that you can't do anything the mind keeps finding more negatives. Such is the law of attraction. Negative energy attracts negative energy and positive energy attracts positive energy. YOU NEED TO STOP FINDING EXCUSES, SO THAT EXCUSES CAN STOP FINDING YOU! Go get the job done, whatever it is!

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