Saturday, 22 October 2016


I haven't posted in quite a while, so this post is, in part, an apology to my readers and a release from the dose of inertia that I have been experiencing. Sometimes we just become stuck in our upward movement towards the fulfillment of our dream goals. Well, I am human, so why should I be an exception? Today, I have decided to break the chains today because it marks the 62nd milestone of my life.

So, what do I mean by inertia? I will offer the following definitions:

A tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

 A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.(Physics)

Inertness, especially with regards to effort, motion,action and the like; inactivity, sluggishness.

By now you should get the picture. However, this does not mean that I was sitting around doing nothing.  I was doing, but my actions were disjointed and were not inspired actions. It simply means that I was not focused on my goals and dreams from the point of synchronization between my conscious and subconscious thoughts. I was off target, stuck, not in the flow, as some Law Of Attraction experts would put it. This inertia, invariably will happen to you, even once in your journey to your dreams. It happens to the best of us!

How do we overcome this stasis and put ourselves back on track?

1. Recognize. First, we must recognize it for what it is. Inertia!

We should realize that things are not o.k. and that something is out of whack. If we continue to believe that everything is all right and we need to do nothing about it, we only worsen the situation and success will elude us. What are some signs you should look for?

Firstly, you find that you are not practicing your self improvement modalities, such as meditation and the like, at all or as often as you should.

Secondly, you are not following up with planned actions in the manner that you used to.

Thirdly, you are procrastinating too much.

Fourthly, you are frequently falling back into negative thinking.

2. Revisit. Once you have recognized that stasis has set in start revisiting your success end goals/dreams (which should be written) regularly, and if necessary, rewrite them. You may find that some things have changed and that may be affecting your overall outlook. In the same vein also revisit your visualization stimuli. That is, all physical images and pictures of your end goals and make additions or recreate them. You may also want to populate your environment with some of these images. Some places to put them are bathroom. bedroom, office, computer sticky notes and your wallet.

3. Re-calibrate. Practice two and three minutes relaxation moments. Just close your eyes. Make no attempt to revert to standard meditation. Just allow your thoughts to drift in whatever direction they want, and just breathe!

4. Recall. Recall all successful moments. All good and pleasant occurrences and achievements you have had. Try your best to bring up the feeling these invoked in you. Dance. Sing, celebrate! Anything to make you feel good.

4. Revive and Remember. Slowly drop back into your planned regular modalities-meditation, visualization, Affirmations Tapping, Yoga, whatever! Start  to write down any seeming growth, however small. Connect or reconnect with like minded people. Remember, you are what you  want to become internally before it materializes externally. Stay in the 'be now' moments. You first must 'be' the thing in conscious and subconscious thoughts before you can 'become' the thing in reality.

Here's to your personal growth and success!  Ifyou enjoyed reading this article, please share it. Thanks.