Thursday, 10 November 2016


I didn't want to do this post. After all, I am not that into Politics and my blog is about personal growth and success. I guess this qualifies since Donald trump is considered a successful businessman and Hillary Clinton a successful States-woman.

 I did the Donald the Trumpeter posts, starting from August 13, 2015, because I had clear insight into what the outcome of the election would be. Thanks to my insatiable appetite for reading and watching news about the world, coupled with the wonderful capacity of Technology, and a little insight and intuition!

Anyway, this morning I walked into my friend's shop. He had placed a bet on the Democrats; not with me of course, I do not gamble on things involving people. This was his first response: 'They say that 43% of illiterate white voters voted for Trump.'  My response: 'What is the point? Should I therefore equally say that the remaining 57% of illiterate, deplorable white voters voted for Hillary? I said this jokingly but the real issue here is clearly about how we compartmentalize, describe, and treat people; playing them like pawns on a chess board!

Millions of people all over America and some in the rest of the world are shocked by the election result. The Political pundits, mainstream media, disappointed housewives, talk show hosts, journalist, hard working husbands, critics, pollsters, investors, you name it; are all trying to account for the unexpected election result.
My take:
They should have seen it coming! I did, and I don't even reside on the American Mainland. But, as they say, the docile wife is always the last to find out about the cheating husband!  (Absolutely no pun intended here!)

Donald Trump is an anomaly!(something [someone]that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected.)
Here is a man who threw insults and derogatory statements left right and center, during the primaries and still gained the nomination.After the nomination this got even worse, and intensified through the debates. Now, no one; not the opposition, not the pundits, not the journalists or anyone else who saw this as unusual, made any further attempt, beyond mere rhetoric, to single it out and give it study, or had the insight to see that the results would match the anomaly. If the Democrats did, they would have been able to counter better.

Scientists understand that there are and will be anomalies. They not only single them out and study them carefully when they occur  but, once these are understood, they make allowances for them in order to maintain efficiency in the future. But then, American Politicians, Pollsters and Pundits are not scientists!

This is a revolution. It is no different from the American War for Independence, the French revolution or the Slave Revolts. When seats of power continue to ignore the cries of the less fortunate and to sucker up to whims and fancies of the elites and the Rich, stuff happens! Karl Marx was right! Donald Trump might not be from the masses (the deplorable illiterate voters) but he understood their pain and he spoke their language.

(Caution: as I write below this paragraph, my dear readers, please bear in mind that most of these upcoming words are metaphorical, and that I in no way intend to tarnish the character of any of the two candidates.)

As I join in the post-mortem, (I am totally oblivious to the paralysis) I would like to offer my observations:

I watched carefully, often sighing deeply, during and after the debates as the mud slinging persisted and the beautiful, so-called lady of the establishment threw herself with wild abandon, into the pig pen! That was no counter for the anomaly. If you throw in with the pigs you will get covered in mud!!! Not only that, you provide tangible evidence to have supporters and opposers classify you with the pigs!

I laughed as most of the post debates analysis, gave Hillary victory and boasted how she drew the Donald into getting and departing from the agenda. But it was Trump who pulled her into cementing in the minds of voters, the doubts and suspicions that they had about her character, already tarnished by her husband's history, by drilling on it and forcing her into mud slinging responses. Bernie was effectively pandering to the disaffect of the masses just as strongly as Trump, but in a different manner.

What ensued after  she pulled up the so many years old story of the crotch grabbing Trump, is amazing. People called for his head. Nothing happened. Trump trundled on: Lying Hillary, Lying Hillary! Corrupt media! corrupt media! 30,000 emails! 30,000 emails! She should be in jail! They said Trump flip flopped. He didn't. His single intention of presenting a 'smear campaign' against Hillary Clinton continued dauntlessly. Hillary bought into it. She lied to stop him and some of the media houses lied to stop him too. So, the natural progression is that many of the people also bought into it. Many who bought it were among the fence sitters and the undecided, because the die-hearted Trumpers had bought into it from the beginning.

After Bernie Sanders threw in the towel, I watched him trying to convince his supporters to  turn over to Hillary, albeit to the sound of boos. They were disgruntled. They felt the Berne. They did not want their candidate to stop at such a crucial point. Many swore they would not vote for Hillary and I guess they did just that. They voted for Trump in the end!

Trump's solution on jobs that were lost by manufacturers moving out, had a greater effect, than most thought on people in a number of states that were experiencing just that. Do not under-estimate the role that it played in his victory. The few jobs that were being provided by the Obama administration were no where close to the multitude that was lost in the manner that Trump suggested and were not been taken up by the people who were affected. Hillary literally ignored the strength of this claim by Trump; her counter was some generalized statement about catering to the middle class while Trump's words were falling on the ears of the very people who lost their jobs by that route, and, believe me they are many!

Finally, I offer this as one of the over-riding reason for the loss. Stasis. Yes, stasis. Nothing is static. When you continue to behave, nonchalantly, as if you've got it in the bag, things will remain the same, we will win, we are only waiting on the date. Work on the ground is what win elections. I have seen it all over the world, including my country of birth. The Democrats did not do the ground work because they took it for granted.

I will not, for one minute, suggest that some Democrats flipped, but if you look at Obama's wins, they certainly did! Obama and Hillary ignored them and they reacted. Enuff said.

While some of the many other explanations might make sense, their effect, if any, on this outcome, would be at best, infinitesimal.

Here's to your personal growth and success!  If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it! Thank you.