Sunday, 6 November 2016


Recently I took a short walk in my neighborhood. As an observant individual I always roam my eyes all over the place looking at signs, posters, buildings, vehicles, fruit trees and whatever else there is in view. I was passing this particular building; some sort of clinic, and I noticed a poster on the wall of the porch. On it, there was a colorful drawing of Casper, the friendly ghost, with these words written stylishly beside it. "Say boo to cancer!"

Immediately my mind recalled the first few sentences in a personal growth course that I offer, titled Empower Your Mind For Success:

Everything starts with the mind. Your mind produces thoughts. If you cannot control your thoughts, you cannot control your mind. If you cannot control your mind, you cannot control your life! This is an incontrovertible fact. Changing your life starts with understanding and internalizing this fact!

So I said quietly to myself; "but that's not going to keep it away, that is going to invite it! You cannot give thought to what you don't want, because thought is the supporting energy that brings it into play!" 

If only many of us, including myself, who seems to lose track of this fact every now and again, would realize that giving thought to, and dwelling on, what we do not want is the surest way to bring it into being. 

My brother who lives in California, related this story to me and I will share it with you. It was told to him by one of his co-workers, whom I will call MR. X for purposes of this discourse. According to Mr. X, his father was diagnosed with cancer and was told he needed treatment. His dad was as obstinate as a mule. He insisted that he did not have any cancer and flatly refused any treatment. At that time he was in his fifties. 

Today, Mr. X's father his in his seventies and is cancer free!  This is a perfect example of not giving thought to, not dwelling on; and, more importantly, not believing that which you do not want to manifest into your reality.

I know that this is not as easy as it sounds. Because we are living in a space-time reality, our ability to create depends on time, and on us providing the necessary belief component to out subconscious mind. We run into difficulties in manifesting the life of our dreams because our subconscious mind over-rules what our conscious mind desires. This is what we call self sabotage. We manifest those things which our conscious and subconscious minds believe to the same extent; in other words our conscious expectations are in sync with our subconscious beliefs.

Think about this seriously for a moment. You would like to buy some food but you have no money. You tend to dwell on, or give thought to the fact that you have no money. Strangely enough, the subconscious holds the no money idea and creates the belief that this situation is what you really want.
It works against you in trying to maintain your 'no money' scenario. I have used this simple example just to give you an idea of how it works. 

If we can consciously keep our minds on what we do want and reprogram the subconscious to accept this as a belief, we will manifest our dreams and desires, given that we take the necessary action steps.

We dwell on what our sense impressions bring to us and therefore force our subconscious into accepting this as true; we sabotage ourselves daily and then we complain. We complain and further sabotage ourselves and then we complain again. This is an endless cycle of negativity into which we trap ourselves, thinking that there is no way out. There is a way out! there is always a way out! As long as we think that this way is outside of us in some external being, we will continue to search for a way out. We are the way out. The hero lies in us! Decide to stop sabotaging yourself today!

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