Friday, 1 September 2017


We all have a 'feel good factor' built into our system and we all have a 'feel good' dial. We can choose to ignore this factor to our detriment or we can choose to regulate it to our success. In my book The Power of Certainty I make reference to how important this is. Here is the quote:

"What I am going to say here might sound very simplistic but all you need to effectively create what you want is to FEEL GOOD about yourself, about others and about what you desire and give thought to it through mental images (visualizations.")

Many Law of Attraction programs seem to dwell on the use of focusing on positive thoughts and images and pay less or no attention to how sad, gloomy, dreary, or unsatisfactory the reality around you is. This is true of course, but many of such programs tend not to stress the importance of positive feelings/emotions in the process. You could think positively and visualize your outcome until the cows come home, if this process is not accompanied with the positive feelings that would accompany the desired outcome, you can go jump in the lake.

So, I know there are many of you out there, working on your personal growth and you have hit frustration. You blame the author of the book, Audio or Video that you are using and you give up in futility because you claim that it does not work. You contemplate what it is that is wrong with you why your dreams will not manifest, even just a little. That is because you have omitted the use  of the 'feel good factor.'  

Now, I want you to go back in your mind to a time when you achieved what you thought about consciously, took inspired action towards getting it, and eventually getting it. It may be a new car you wanted, it may be a program you wanted to join, it may be finding true love. Whatever it is, it happens because a number of factors came together (that is, assuming you did not get it by illegal or immoral means). First you thought about it. You formed an image of the end product in your mind and you accompanied this with the feeling of having it. Now, magnifying this factor of how you would FEEL when you have it, is what will result in how quickly it comes to you. Giving thanks for it (gratitude) is also an important factor, but that has been discussed elsewhere.

So much for the feel good factor. Many of you might ask. But how do I generate a 'feeling good' when what I am seeing and experiencing around me sucks? This is where the 'feel good dial' comes in.What is this 'feel good dial? We have all been given it as a tool of our creative ability. It is a simple five letter word that refers to one of the most creative, effortless activity that can affect just not you but others. What is it-? SMILE! I do not mean a grimace, a makeshift twitch of the lips, a scowling exposure of the teeth, or any such thing. I mean a good coming up from the gut and the heart, health warm and meaningful SMILE! This not only turns up the dial but it takes your mind from the negative thoughts. In that fleeting instant when you SMILE, you will notice that you cannot simultaneously focus on the negative, so why not just keep doing it until the dial rises.

Now, think about this seriously and you can try it out on yourself if you think I am wrong. Even when what is around you evoke negative emotions like sadness, anger, disappointment, frustration, hate and... you name them. Now think about it, there is not one of these negative emotions that will not diminish if you just take time to breathe deeply and SMILE!  And if you continue smiling you will bring down this negative feeling to zero, as you turn the 'feel good dial' up the scale. Don't take my word for it, JUST DO IT! That is your God-given tool to reset your dial! Strangely when we smile we also touch the dial of others close to us or in contact with us.

Are you feeling depressed, sad, frustrated, disappointed, angry mad, today? Go ahead turn up your 'feel good dial.' SMILE!  Here's to your personal growth and success!

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