Friday, 27 January 2017


I opened my email this morning (January 27, 2017, and sure enough, there was this image entitled 31 types of happiness poster, from none other than Pamela Gail Johnson, founder of The Secret Society of Happy People. Not only did this poster, which I will display below, inspire me, but I had not posted in a while and I just knew that i had to share it, so here it is below. I have blown it up so that you can read everything on the tree.

Now, you may want to ask, just what is the point of all this tree of happiness? Easily answered. If you could live everyday incorporating all the words of happiness on this tree into your life, I can guarantee you, that your life would be a fulfilling and prosperous one. 

So, why don't we all just incorporate these into our lives? Ego. Yes, Ego.Ego tells us that we are not these things, we are not God-like and cajoles us into exercising their opposites. Let us just pick five of these to help with my explanation. Love, Humor, Thankful, Content, Giving. We were all made to be these; God-like, but because we have free choice we must also face their opposites. Ego tells us otherwise so we develop Hate to counter Love, Ungratefulness to counter Thankfulness or Gratitude, Dissatisfaction to counter contentment, Seriousness to counter humor and  Unkindness to counter Giving, thinking that these states and emotions serve our purpose, when in fact they do not.

 If we could take a peek into what our lives would look like sampling the fruits of happiness on this tree, we would be appalled. It is all about vibration and the Law of attraction. When we send out positive vibrations,such as those on this tree of happiness, they are equally matched by the laws of the universe and we reap corresponding benefits. When we send out negative vibrations, such as the opposite of those on this tree of happiness, they are equally matched by the laws of the universe and we reap corresponding hardships and struggle.

It cannot be that simple, you say! sure enough life cannot be narrowed down to just this! MY friend, it sure can! That is why enlightened masters like Jesus incorporate all these into their lives and perform miracles! So, how do you, divine and trapped in physicality, as you are; always facing opposites to give you choices, silence the Ego and carve out the life you desire? You must take time daily to go within, through meditation or other modalities. Practice makes perfect.

Now, you can't always 'live in the sky' but regular daily practice can improve your life significantly. And, Ego, just do not go away that easily, it is a factor of choice! So, what do you do when hate, ungratefulness, unkindness, discontent and lack of humor surface? Be mindful enough to recognize them for what they are and simply say to yourself, mentally or aloud, STOP! Once you recognize what is happening to you and you find the presence of mind to say stop,and then smile, it goes away. And then, just laugh at yourself for erring! You should try this! It really works. Don't be so angry that you can't stop to apply it!

Enough said. I hope you enjoyed this post. If, so please share it. Thank you. 

Here's to your personal growth and success!