Saturday, 12 August 2017


I am an emotional type of writer.I tend to describe best the things from my personal experiences or from those very close to me. On this my spiritual growth path, I have had ups and downs like anyone else. Excuse me I am human too! This post is as  personal as it is universal. Never let anyone take away your JOY!

Ok so what am I talking about? I am talking about allowing someone to completely control and influence the way you react socially, emotionally and all the other allys. I am talking about letting another human being drive you to anger, resentment, frustration, disappointment, despair, fear and, sometimes, irrationality. That's right, how could you in your right mind give away your entire self control and sanity to another human being simply because of an action or a verbal exchange on their part? When we allow our ego to dictate terms, it happens, sometimes to the best of us.

However, I want you to think about this carefully. When you revert to such a response you are literally allowing someone else to take away your JOY. And what, my friend, is your JOY? Your feeling of self worth, your positive dreams, your peace of mind, your self control, your positive expectations, your beliefs in possibilities, your trust in knowing all is well and that whatever you desire to manifest is on its way to you and that you possess the potential to attain same. When anger and resentment and negative thoughts set in, which they do when you give away your self-control, so to speak, you literally leave your life in the hands of the person to whom you direct your anger resentment and frustration.

So, how does one deal with this kind of lack of self control?

1. Recognize what is happening. This is certainly not easy because every minute you spend with this level of emotional disturbance you tend to lose ground and sink deeper. You have to literally tell your inner self to STOP!!

2. You actually must muster up the courage to STOP! You will find that during this period of giving up your self control that controlled thinking becomes almost impossible and you fall back into the old ways of emotional degradation. You can only muster up and apply will power. The same will power that kept you on your steady path of positive growth and fulfillment must now come to your aid.

3. Use the modalities that helped you in the past and propelled you to your new level of  consciousness. Meditation, Yoga. Tapping, whatever may have helped you in the past. There will be a tendency to dismiss these but falling back on them is the only solution.

4. Make peace with yourself. You are not only angry, frustrated and resentful towards the other person, you are actually directing these negative emotions towards yourself, and believe me, you will feel the negative impacts! So appreciate you, believe in yourself. Know that in this world the person that matters most is YOU! When you realize this you will stop giving your POWER to another!

5. Get back on track. Derailment is not a finality. Hook yourself back in your old comforting grooves and accelerate towards your goals. Life is about falling and getting up. Simply resolve and GET UP!!!! Take back your power and watch the other individual's effects upon you diminish in front of your eyes!
Here is to your personal growth and success! If  you enjoyed reading this article, then please share it!