Thursday, 2 November 2017


I left this Facebook post with tears in my eyes. This will be my blog post for today, November 02, 2017. For a like-minded community you can check out my Facebook group from the link below:

Saturday, 28 October 2017


I am quite sure that numerous readers of my blog posts might be wondering why I have been off the grid for the past month or so. I certainly have not been hiding under a rock!

I live in the United States virgin Islands (St. Thomas) and we were hit by, not ONE, but TWO category five hurricanes. The first, Irma landed on September 6, 2017 and devastated the islands, with St. Thomas, where I reside, being the hardest hit. Everything went. Telephone Towers, Internet, Light Poles, Roofs, Trees and leaves, Fences, Motor vehicles, and yes, some lives were lost. We  were barely scrambling to put the pieces together when Maria landed on September 12, 2017.

Why am I telling you all this? There was simply no way of posting my blog messages to the internet. Basic survival kicked in and everyday activities included trying to secure food and water.
At the time of this writing (October 28, 2017) only a meager fraction of the island's electrical power has been restored. Telephone and internet services are only intermittent weak signals and makeshift hot spots. Hopefully you will read this post!

Anyway, I wanted to talk about how you should respond when the storms of life hit, as they certainly will. I read somewhere(not quite sure who said it) that once you think about something, its opposite immediately slips into place. This is because we live in a world of duality or opposites which is designed to produce choices; hence up-down, hot-cold, love-hate, light-dark, good-evil and so on and so forth. I also read about Murphy's law which states that: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!

My point here? Life is filled with peaks and troughs. So, how should one respond when the troughs come, as they certainly will?

Do not panic; as a matter of fact, you should smile. This shows that you understand perfectly well the power and purpose of contrast. When you face these turbulence with this knowledge you are half way to overcoming and progressing forward rather than stumbling backwards. With this approach you get new and insightful knowledge.

Secondly, exercise patience-Rome was not built in a day. Remember every seeming setback is a way of propelling you forward-there are no obstacles, there are only guideposts!

Thirdly, be persistent and persevere; not in a frantic, unplanned, action filled way because this only leads to failure, but persists in a well thought-out and determined way-remember that effective action flows from inspired thinking!

Lastly, fall in love with your end goals, your final dream, your big picture-don't be put off by the myriads of small steps that must be taken along the way. It is this falling in love with your end goal that is going to draw it to you. As newton's physical law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so the spiritual or vibration law operates. For every well contrived and focused positive thought (vibration) there is an equal and opposite vibration matching it from the universe. Such is your power of creation!

So, my friend, what are two little storms? We will soak up the contrast, pick ourselves up and start all over again!  Here's to your personal growth and success!

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Friday, 1 September 2017


We all have a 'feel good factor' built into our system and we all have a 'feel good' dial. We can choose to ignore this factor to our detriment or we can choose to regulate it to our success. In my book The Power of Certainty I make reference to how important this is. Here is the quote:

"What I am going to say here might sound very simplistic but all you need to effectively create what you want is to FEEL GOOD about yourself, about others and about what you desire and give thought to it through mental images (visualizations.")

Many Law of Attraction programs seem to dwell on the use of focusing on positive thoughts and images and pay less or no attention to how sad, gloomy, dreary, or unsatisfactory the reality around you is. This is true of course, but many of such programs tend not to stress the importance of positive feelings/emotions in the process. You could think positively and visualize your outcome until the cows come home, if this process is not accompanied with the positive feelings that would accompany the desired outcome, you can go jump in the lake.

So, I know there are many of you out there, working on your personal growth and you have hit frustration. You blame the author of the book, Audio or Video that you are using and you give up in futility because you claim that it does not work. You contemplate what it is that is wrong with you why your dreams will not manifest, even just a little. That is because you have omitted the use  of the 'feel good factor.'  

Now, I want you to go back in your mind to a time when you achieved what you thought about consciously, took inspired action towards getting it, and eventually getting it. It may be a new car you wanted, it may be a program you wanted to join, it may be finding true love. Whatever it is, it happens because a number of factors came together (that is, assuming you did not get it by illegal or immoral means). First you thought about it. You formed an image of the end product in your mind and you accompanied this with the feeling of having it. Now, magnifying this factor of how you would FEEL when you have it, is what will result in how quickly it comes to you. Giving thanks for it (gratitude) is also an important factor, but that has been discussed elsewhere.

So much for the feel good factor. Many of you might ask. But how do I generate a 'feeling good' when what I am seeing and experiencing around me sucks? This is where the 'feel good dial' comes in.What is this 'feel good dial? We have all been given it as a tool of our creative ability. It is a simple five letter word that refers to one of the most creative, effortless activity that can affect just not you but others. What is it-? SMILE! I do not mean a grimace, a makeshift twitch of the lips, a scowling exposure of the teeth, or any such thing. I mean a good coming up from the gut and the heart, health warm and meaningful SMILE! This not only turns up the dial but it takes your mind from the negative thoughts. In that fleeting instant when you SMILE, you will notice that you cannot simultaneously focus on the negative, so why not just keep doing it until the dial rises.

Now, think about this seriously and you can try it out on yourself if you think I am wrong. Even when what is around you evoke negative emotions like sadness, anger, disappointment, frustration, hate and... you name them. Now think about it, there is not one of these negative emotions that will not diminish if you just take time to breathe deeply and SMILE!  And if you continue smiling you will bring down this negative feeling to zero, as you turn the 'feel good dial' up the scale. Don't take my word for it, JUST DO IT! That is your God-given tool to reset your dial! Strangely when we smile we also touch the dial of others close to us or in contact with us.

Are you feeling depressed, sad, frustrated, disappointed, angry mad, today? Go ahead turn up your 'feel good dial.' SMILE!  Here's to your personal growth and success!

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Traffic! traffic! traffic! This is the proverbial problem with marketing online. As I stated before,on a previous page, it is all good and well to have a website. It is even better, for that website to have visibility; that is, hosted on the web. It is equally important to have a product to market, but if no one sees your website or your products, no one will buy.
Traffic to a website is like customers to a store. Unless customers walk into a store, the possibility of them buying a product is nil. Unless there is traffic to your website, the chances of you making a sale online is nil.
However, there is a vast difference between traffic and targeted traffic. A million persons could visit your website but if no one buys your business would flop. You don’t just want traffic, you want targeted traffic; that is website visitors who are seeking what you have to offer. In this case, your chances of making a sale would be greatly enhanced.
Traffic generation techniques
As a beginner, especially if you are starting out like I did, you would like to keep down the expense on buying traffic. The advent of Social media, like Facebook, You tube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social sites make it possible, if properly utilized, to generate a considerable amount of targeted traffic since a cross section of people with different interests visit these sites.
In this article I will give you a synopsis of generating traffic through: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. There are many other social sites that you can join, and,go ahead and do so, but these five should form the fulcrum for your traffic drive. 

Despite claims to the contrary, Facebook remains one of the Social Media Sites that have been most accessed on a daily basis by a variety of interests and which makes for one of biggest impact on individuals, businesses and communities.
If you do not have a Facebook account, log in to and sign up for one now. The process is pretty simple. Create a profile and make sure that you upload a suitable portrait of yourself; no cartoon images and no avatars; these are not for the professional writer that you are aspiring to become! Ensure that your product offer and any other relevant information; websites, blog etc. form a part of your profile information. Make sure that you know and save your Facebook URL as you will be using this to promote your Facebook page. In order to gain access to your Facebook URL click on edit profile from your home page. This will take you to your profile page. Click on your name. What comes up in the browser is your Facebook URL. Copy and save this URL.

Start sending friend requests to those you know closely at first. You can find people from your school, hometown, college etc. by doing a search. You will see the search box on your page. You can just type in the relevant information. Develop friendly exchanges at first and post interesting and clean information in the form of quotes, images, videos, and links. When you have developed fifty friends or more create a Facebook Fan Page using the name of your product. This is easy, you will see the create page button on your current page. Click on it and it will take you through the steps.
Place your product or landing page link on this page. Invite your friends to ‘like your page’ this option to invite will be right there on the fan page.
When you have made sufficient income from your offer you should consider a Facebook Advertisements. These Ads can be very effective. Just click on the ‘create Ad’ sign and walk yourself through.
Twitter is a very effective medium to promote your work but you must be careful how you operate there. It probably outscores face book with numbers of individual tweets on a daily basis because a tweet is so easy to do and has a limitation on the number of words you can use. The feature of its direct messages also provides a similar kind of privacy to Facebook’s inbox feature. The uses of # hashtags and @ tweets have become popular and have enhanced the ease with which Twitter is used.
If you do not have a Twitter account go to and sign up for one now. Create your profile page and follow much the same tips as were given for Facebook as far as profile information and profile images are concerned. Remember to save your twitter URL as you will use it elsewhere on the web to promote yourself and your product or landing page. To access your twitter URL click on view my profile page on your home page. Your twitter URL will show in the browser. Copy and save this.
Use the search box feature to find people you may know, following similar lines to Facebook. Follow them. Many will follow you back. Make interesting, clean and informative tweets. Do not jump on the site and start tweeting your book links immediately. When you have developed a decent number of followers within your niche, you can start sending tweets of your offer. The search feature also allows you to search for others with similar interests as yours, so you should be able to find people who are interested in buying your product. Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that your tweets can be shown on your Facebook page. Here is how to do it.
This site is fast becoming an extremely popular one though not yet as popular as Facebook and Twitter.  Nevertheless, it is a very good site for promoting your qualifications, your work experiences and your talents, products and projects while socially connecting with others through information sharing.
If you do not have a LinkedIn account go to LinkedIn and sign up now. Create your profile along the same lines recommended for the other two sites. LinkedIn shows you how to put in a lot of information about yourself. Take advantage of this. You can add Education, Work experience, projects, publications, websites,blogs courses, skills, expertise, organizations and additional information.
Please remember to save your LinkedIn URL so that you can promote yourself and your offer on other sites. To access your LinkedIn URL go to your profile page by clicking on profile on your home page. Right below your photograph should be a link in grey. This is your LinkedIn URL. Save this link.
This site also offers advertisement options, but you must upgrade before you can take advantage of this. You may want to consider these options after you have earned some funds from your offer. You can add your Facebook and Twitter links to the contact section of your LinkedIn page.    
Google Plus
Google+ is becoming a very popular and competitive site. By competitive I mean in relation to Facebook and twitter. Google has acquired You Tube and now Google has a single individual Google account that can host all of your personal Google sites: Google driveGoogle DocsGoogle plusGmail and You tube.
If you do not have a Google account go to Google  Accounts and sign up for one. You will use the one Gmail and password access for all the above listed Google accounts.
Create your Google profile following the recommendations for the other sites. Once you have created your profile you can access all the other sites such as Gmail  Google drive, Google docs,  Google plus; and You Tube. You will find Google docs a very useful place to store your documents. Google drive provides a very goodpresentation platform similar to power point. Gmail offers you the option of having several Gmail accounts. You tube offers you the best video platform. Google plus offers you the opportunity to join numerous groups that can publicize your work.
Remember to save your Google plus URL so that you can use it to promote yourself and your offer on other places on the web. To access your Google plus URL login to your Google plus account. Bring your cursor toHome on the left towards the top beside the picture of the little house. From the drop down menu click onprofile. Copy and save the information that comes up in the browser. There is a lot you can do on Google plus. You can set up a special page, you can subscribe to circles, following, friends, acquaintances andpublic. You can join hangouts and you can set up video parties. On your special page, you can put a link to your blogger blog. You can upload videos, such as the one you would have made about your offer. You can also upload photos. Google plus gives you a variety of options to promote yourself. Play around with it.
    You Tube
No Facebook or twitter can rival this site for traffic generation. It is unique in the sense that any video placed there not only attracts viewership but has the capacity to show links the can take the viewer back to specific websites and products. Video marketing is becoming one of the most efficient traffic generation phenomena and this applies to any product, any service, any skill, any technique, any social, individual, community, and organization.
You would have already gained access to your You Tube through your Google account. What do you need to do next?
Sign in to your You tube account and do the following: create a channel, create a playlist, subscribe to other people’s videos and start creating a You tube presence. Save your You Tube channel URL for sending people to your videos and promoting your book form other sites on the web. To save your You Tube channel URL, log into your account. Click on your name, to the left, just below the You Tube sign. Copy and save what comes up in the browser. This is your YouTube channel URL.
It is very important that you upload a video relating to your offer in which you outline advantage points from your offer or give a review of your product. Then use You Tube’s tools to provide a link on the video back to your offer.

You can make a simple video about your offer on windows movie maker. This is quite easy and free. Make sure that you have a windows live hotmail account. You will need this to upload from movie maker to You tube. Click on start/programs from your computer and locate the windows movie maker. Open windows movie maker. Make sure you have on professional looking clothing and you have reviewed your script, since looking sideways, down or up will appear awkward to your viewer. Make sure your simple video is no longer than 3-5 minutes. Click on the drop down menu button to near to the top left of your screen and select new project. Open the webcam. You will see three buttons to the top left; Record, Stop and cancel.

Press the record button and begin your presentation. You can press the stop button at any time if you have forgotten your line. Just press the record button to re-start or the cancel button if you want to start all over. When you are finished give your video a name and save it on your computer. Open and review the video. There are several options for adjusting how your video looks such as animations, visual effects, captions, addition of music, title and credits. Play around with them; nothing is final unless it is saved. Now go through your video and remove sections that do not please you and add anything useful, that you may have left out. Click the drop down menu to the right marked save movie in, select computer and save.  Make sure you are signed in to your windows live account in order to upload from the maker to You Tube. Now re-open the movie in maker and click on the You Tube logo to the above right. Select the appropriate resolution and sign in to your You Tube account. Complete the publish on You Tube information box and click publish. When upload is complete you will see the video on your You Tube page. You should select public for your video. You can use the video manager to make technical adjustments to your Video.
You tube has a feature to add annotations which can accommodate a clickable link in your video but this requires that you have a personal website so I am going to suggest another method  to put your book link to your video.
First, you need to have somewhere to promote your video before carrying out this exercise. You can do this on either your WordPress or Blogger blog.
Now view this You Tube video below to view exactly how you can put a link to your product on your video. Place the video showing your advertising link on to your blog as your first post in promoting your product.

I take it also that you have created your blog and placed this video on it. If you use these Social media properly you should be able to generate some free traffic and some free online income! Find out how you can build a mailing list. If you found this article interesting please share it!

Saturday, 12 August 2017


I am an emotional type of writer.I tend to describe best the things from my personal experiences or from those very close to me. On this my spiritual growth path, I have had ups and downs like anyone else. Excuse me I am human too! This post is as  personal as it is universal. Never let anyone take away your JOY!

Ok so what am I talking about? I am talking about allowing someone to completely control and influence the way you react socially, emotionally and all the other allys. I am talking about letting another human being drive you to anger, resentment, frustration, disappointment, despair, fear and, sometimes, irrationality. That's right, how could you in your right mind give away your entire self control and sanity to another human being simply because of an action or a verbal exchange on their part? When we allow our ego to dictate terms, it happens, sometimes to the best of us.

However, I want you to think about this carefully. When you revert to such a response you are literally allowing someone else to take away your JOY. And what, my friend, is your JOY? Your feeling of self worth, your positive dreams, your peace of mind, your self control, your positive expectations, your beliefs in possibilities, your trust in knowing all is well and that whatever you desire to manifest is on its way to you and that you possess the potential to attain same. When anger and resentment and negative thoughts set in, which they do when you give away your self-control, so to speak, you literally leave your life in the hands of the person to whom you direct your anger resentment and frustration.

So, how does one deal with this kind of lack of self control?

1. Recognize what is happening. This is certainly not easy because every minute you spend with this level of emotional disturbance you tend to lose ground and sink deeper. You have to literally tell your inner self to STOP!!

2. You actually must muster up the courage to STOP! You will find that during this period of giving up your self control that controlled thinking becomes almost impossible and you fall back into the old ways of emotional degradation. You can only muster up and apply will power. The same will power that kept you on your steady path of positive growth and fulfillment must now come to your aid.

3. Use the modalities that helped you in the past and propelled you to your new level of  consciousness. Meditation, Yoga. Tapping, whatever may have helped you in the past. There will be a tendency to dismiss these but falling back on them is the only solution.

4. Make peace with yourself. You are not only angry, frustrated and resentful towards the other person, you are actually directing these negative emotions towards yourself, and believe me, you will feel the negative impacts! So appreciate you, believe in yourself. Know that in this world the person that matters most is YOU! When you realize this you will stop giving your POWER to another!

5. Get back on track. Derailment is not a finality. Hook yourself back in your old comforting grooves and accelerate towards your goals. Life is about falling and getting up. Simply resolve and GET UP!!!! Take back your power and watch the other individual's effects upon you diminish in front of your eyes!
Here is to your personal growth and success! If  you enjoyed reading this article, then please share it!