Everybody wants to be successful and to live a happy, prosperous fulfilled life. However, few people are prepared to take the necessary steps to achieve this. This blog is about providing the initial stimulus to begin the journey, as well as, to outline the important steps one must take to achieve this goal. Success is different for each individual, but the requisite mindset and the unavoidable action steps are usually quite similar. By that I mean, that apart from a person's unique content and area of specialty, the necessary action steps hardly vary at all.

To put the wheel into motion you must first have a FOCUSED MIND. Secondly you must have some kind of SCHEME OR PLAN for the attainment of your desire. Thirdly, you must take INSPIRED ACTION. Inspired action simply means actions that are congruent with your your focused mind and your scheme or plan. Many individuals fail because they think that blind action (killing oneself with work) is the solution but from the above you will see that action is the last stage of this creative process. Actually having a FOCUSED MIND is the first and most important step from which the other two will flow.

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